The old lion of the Senate failed, but did not leave-

From Massimo Khaki

Mistakes, errors, bad memory: Alternative moments of clarity with others that pollute. Called to resign by party comrades, he pretends nothing has happened: in 2023 he could become the caretaker pro-Senate leader.

New York – Perch Should Dianne Feinstein resign? This is not the first time there have been senators with intellectual disabilities. In the last ten years of his tenure, Strom Thurmond (a South Carolina senator) has been in office for nearly half a century and in 2002 blew 100 candles in congressional history.


) He did not even know if he was walking or on horseback. In the pages his former aide thus defended

New Yorker

, An elderly Democratic senator from California has been giving signs for a long time Loss of ambiguity.

Last year, during an audition for Silicon Valley bosses, he was embarrassed. Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey asked the same question again Without realizing what he had already done. He angered his party during the confirmation session Amy Connie BarrettTrump was elected Supreme Court Justice In the last days of his presidency, You bluntly embraced the speech made by Republican Senator Lindsay Graham in support of his candidacy: in this way It has destroyed the strategy of the Democrats, I decided to condemn that act as an abuse of power. Recently, later, when Diane met with student groups and argued that climate change was not a big problem, environmental activist leftists also awoke.

Tired, his advisers, at age 88, agreed with Feinstein Changes clear moments with others of Fogging. They do their best to remedy it, but they do not always succeed. Re-elected in 2018, he will remain in office until the end of 2025 if he does not resign. With the decision of the Vermont Senator, the problem has now become even more thorny. Patrick Leahy, who has been in office since 1975, did not apply again the following year, At the end of his decree: 47 years in the Senate, he said, may be enough. Due to his parliamentary seniority, Leehi is now the caretaker President of the Senate, one step ahead Under Vice President Kamala Harris. , So, Third on the list of heirs to Python’s death or disability Vice President e Speaker of the Chamber Nancy Pelosi (Over eighty but very clear).

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Lehi, by seniority criteria, To make him president of Feinstein And it is chilling for many to see a mentally ill person find themselves in such a responsibility. The
Los Angeles Magazinee
Says that and attacks her brutally She wants to stick to the table and die, But her collaborators, despite her efforts, defended her: Diane, the old lion who fought and won the epic battles in Parliament, is now, Even if he fails – they say – he works better than at least a third of his colleagues. During Biden’s first year, he achieved many important things for his home state of California. One can also avoid assigning the post of chairman of senators to him: appointment on the basis of parliamentary seniority is a custom, not a coded rule.

Who wants to remove it, they add, Do not do so for health reasonsBut he wants to appoint not only a white Jew, a young man, but an MP who reflects the demographic evolution of the West Coast state. Governor of California Gavin Newsom, Who is responsible for replacing MPs who resign until the next election, He had already said he would appoint a black woman. But the thing is, whether clear or not, there is no deafness to Feinstein’s suggestion for a withdrawal, and it comes from friends and colleagues who chose to leave the scene in front of him. Democrat leader Chuck Schumer repeatedly tried to oust him, But she does not seem to understand it or promises to think about it. However, next time, it shows that he has forgotten everything.

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