Will GTA 6 cost $150 at launch? So he wants a rumor

Will GTA 6 cost 0 at launch?  So he wants a rumor

According to a new rumour, GTA 6 should be launched in price stratosphere from $150 Due to development costs that are said to have exceeded $2 billion. Giving power to the recklessness is the source itself: a conversation between two Rockstar Games developers found within Maxi’s data theft files from last year.


How much will GTA 6 cost?

The conversation regarding GTA 6 could have taken place in 2022. Rockstar Games was very decisive in the process of removal from the network secret information, but at the same time she was not able to hide everything, to the point that news about it continues to appear. Naturally, a lot of activity gave strength to the rumors themselves, which began to multiply.

Of course nothing is confirmed yet, so take the news with a grain of salt. And also because Rockstar hasn’t released GTA 6 yet, even though it seems to be the game Bill Clinton would most like.

However, we imagine that the similar price will not make many players happy, also considering the reactions to it10 euro extra From the average price of games with the latest generation of consoles.

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