Ukraine sends ships and planes to NATO Eastern Europe. The Pentagon has 8,500 troops on alert. By American and English staff

One of the parties passes too much time without softening their position, and another riskMilitary expansion Increases. There Russia Keep asking that NATO withdrawal of troops from Romania and Bulgaria, Ordered the Atlantic Block to restrict its ‘progress’ towards the East with possible integrationUkraine. The United States They are looking for the right way to get one Diplomatic solution, But in the meantime they send Weapons a Kiev, Worried about a sudden improvement E, And prepare written responses to requests made by Kremlin Then Meeting between the Secretary of State a few days ago, Anthony BlinkAnd Minister of Foreign Affairs, Sergei Lavrov.

And there too Then He does not want to take a step back and “sends Ships and fighters in Eastern Europe As Russia continues to increase its military presence inside and outside Ukraine, we need to strengthen our defense and defense capabilities. Atlantic Treaty. The United States is also considering sending ships and aircraft to the Baltic and Eastern European NATO countries, the report said. New York Times. Not only that: in the evening Pentagon Declared put 8,500 soldiers Inside Alert status. “It is very clear now that the Russians have no intention of reducing tensions,” the spokesman said John Kirby. At the same timeIreland Condemns Russia’s intention to “implement” Military exercises About 240 kilometers from our southwest coast. They are international seas, but part of Ireland’s exclusive economic zone, “said the foreign minister. Simon Covini. The Kremlin responds by blaming NATO on the moves of the coalition countries “Increase” tensions.

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The decision is expected in recent days to confirm fears that the security situation in Ukraine could deteriorate. Expel the families of the diplomats Washington has also issued a directive to reduce the presence of Americans in Ukrainian territory and staff at the capital’s headquarters. Travel advice To all citizens of Russia. The same action, the latter, was done by France But related to Ukraine. There too England It evacuates half of its staff to embassies in the capital. A move by Washington and London that Kiev considers “premature” and “excessive”: We regard this action as premature and excessive, with due respect to the right of foreign governments to guarantee the security of their diplomatic missions. A spokesman for the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry said in a statement. Oleg Nikolenko.

Between the two fires, the actor who was affected by the evolution of the crisis is undoubtedlyEurope It fears that the security situation on its eastern borders will worsen Economic implications You can get from it, something new after all Rising gas prices, Already skyscraper, from It is 40% dependent on Russian supply. It should come as no surprise that a summit is planned today between Blinken and EU Foreign Ministers To discuss sanctions against Moscow. But the opinion is that no such progress from Washington will come without a break in the balance on the part of the enemy. High Representative for EU Foreign Policy Joseph Borel, He said, “We want to work with our allies on strong sanctions on the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom. We are currently developing a strong set of sanctions, but Nothing definite is recognized today“The process is ongoing and everything will be ready when needed, but we will not announce anything today,” he explained. Unlike the United States, he believes that “unless Blinken tells us something important, EU workers will not plan any expulsion from Ukraine.”

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For his part, the chairman of the commission, Ursula van der Leyen, Said the EU has passed New help package Finance to Ukraine “from 1.2 billion euros“Ukraine is a free and sovereign country and the European Union is on its side and is committed to resolving the crisis,” he said. The aid package will consist of loans and grants and will have an initial turnover of 600 600 million, explained Van der Lion, “The EU has already provided significant assistance (since 2014). 17 billion euros) For Ukraine, in favor of the country’s recession and its modernization, but especially Govt-19. The commission concluded that this year it would “almost double its bilateral assistance in grants and allocate another 120 120 million”.

The situation is now crystallized: Washington is preparing for a Russian offensive and will provide as general an answer as possible to Lavrov’s demands, so do not do too hard duty. Vladimir Putin, Moscow is waiting from the White House for promises of the presence of NATO troops in the east. For better or worse, a situation that could open up after tomorrow’s match, a Paris, Of political advisers France, Germany, Ukraine and Russia will make efforts to bring the debate back into the diplomatic arena.

Achieving this goal is not easy for a number of reasons: First, different countries in Europe enjoy it Privileged economic relations Along with Moscow, Germany is in first place, so there is more to lose than Washington by an imaginary military expansion. Kiev mayor, well-known in Ukraine Vitaly Klitschko, Accuses Berlin “Treachery” e “Recovery failure”, In a difficult text published exclusively Picture. “There is a big disappointment that Germany is sticking to Ukraine Nort Stream 2 (New gas pipeline to bring Moscow gas from Russia to Germany, Ed) And indeed that Do not give us your weapons Such countries are also diverted in this wayEstonia For his part, Borel assures, “All EU members are trusted partners, all members are one.”Unprecedented unity With strong cooperation with the United States on the situation in Ukraine. “

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Second, because another leading European actor, Britain went into a fierce verbal confrontation with Moscow on Sunday, The Kremlin argues Plan the deposition One of the Ukrainian government to change it “Toy” premiere And warned that “if the government is dismissed, there will be severe sanctions against Moscow.” Apart from this, London is already supplying arms to Kiev. There is the Russian Foreign Ministry He dismissed the British allegations as “misinformation”. Accuses Great Britain of being “supportive of the development of tensions”.

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