Alzheimer’s disease but also antibiotic resistance

Dialogues on science and health in Mzali: Alzheimer’s disease but also antibiotic resistance

ExplosionMantua, September 18. – It starts on Thursday September 21 Six o’clock in the evening in the mural hall Monsignor Arrigo Mazali Foundation. In Via Trento 10 in Mantua, a cycle of autumn events is open to the public entitled “Science and health”.

We start with “Preventing Alzheimer’s disease (and depression)” to Renato Botturaa geriatrician and scientific director of the facility who will be joined in the conversation by his colleague Marco Trabucchi. The volume was published by Oligo. On this occasion A new outpatient service dedicated to longevity.

We continue Wednesday 25 October with “Help me remember. Dementia does not take away life. How do we better understand the disease and help those suffering from it?” Written by Marco Trabuccchi, who will be in conversation with Renato Bottura in this appointment.

The first session of meetings, which will continue next spring, will end with other dates Wednesday 22 November With an infectious disease doctor Paulo Costa Who will hold a conference on this topic? “Antibiotic resistance: a global problem”.

“We are pleased to open the doors of the Foundation to citizens to contribute to the work of disseminating and preventing basic issues for the health of everyone at all ages – says President Mara Gazzoni -. We intend to explore and propose the most diverse scientific topics, making them accessible to everyone.”.

TAll meetings are open to the public. For more information you can refer to the website

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