June 9, 2023

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It is neither magic nor miracle, soon it will be possible to talk with deceased loved ones thanks to the miracle of science

Technology is an incredibly essential tool for the development of human society. It has allowed humanity to become the dominant species on this planet and to impose itself on any limits imposed by nature. Today, thanks to technology, you can fly, you can go underwater, participate in conferences and meetings while on the other side of the planet. Not only that, but you can travel much faster than any animal, and just take something out of your pocket to get a window into all the knowledge you need. All of this is a great feature for anyone who has access to a smartphone, car, or plane. It is neither magic nor a miracle, in fact, if innovation in the medical field makes it possible to develop vaccines for Covid 19 in just a few months. We have to say thanks for the science and research.

In short, technology is an integral part of history and everyday life. No wonder that thanks to this, researchers are always trying to conquer new frontiers. However, they may have gone too far this time. In fact, the news these days is of an American company that promises to allow, soon, everyone to literally speak to the dead.

It is neither magic nor miracle, soon it will be possible to talk with deceased loved ones thanks to the miracle of science

It sounds silly, but it’s really true. The interview with Artur Sychov, founder of the video game company Somnium Space, appeared in the popular VICE magazine. This startup will develop a system to allow anyone who pays to subscribe to Use of virtual reality technologies To talk to deceased friends and loved ones. How to do it quickly be told. People will be able to enter the virtual environment created by Somnium Space and decide to have the company “acquire” every aspect of their physicality and personality. Body language, movements, voice and more will be acquired by a new generation of artificial intelligence. This will then be able to create a perfect virtual reproduction of the subject, which will be able to interact with other users in a coherent and credible manner.

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The avatar will be stored on Somnium’s servers, which can then allow other users to enter it as you would on a social network, but using special hardware such as 3D viewers. This is all behind paying an annual subscription, which should be around $50. In fact, you can interact with the avatar of a deceased friend who has decided to “repeat” in this way. The issue of privacy and personal data disturbing or fascinating, which also in this project has become both physical and psychological, is now becoming increasingly important.


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