Sampdoria-Cittadella 1-0: Live news live

Sampdoria-Cittadella 1-0: Live news live
  • Where the match will be held:

    Stadium: Luigi Ferraris
    City: Genoa
    Capacity: 36,685 spectators6.35 pm

  • Welcome to the live broadcast of the Sampdoria-Cittadella match, valid for the fifth day of the Serie B tournament!6.35 pm

  • A complicated start to the season for Andrea Pirlo Sampdoria, Bloccerchiati After the victory in Terni in his debut, he collected two defeats and a draw in the next three matches. 6.36 pm

  • Similar performance to Cittadella, victorious on the first day against Reggiana and then falling in Tardini against Parma and drawing with Bari and Venice. 6.39 pm

  • The race director will be Gualtieri d’Asti, assisted by Preti, Bottegioni and fourth official De Angeli. Di Martino and Pagnotta are the VAR crew6.50 pm

  • Official formation: Sampdoria plays with a 4-3-3 formation, and here is the Blue Serchiati lineup: Stankovic – DePaoli, Gilardi, Moro, Giordano – Casami, Ricci, Ferri – Borini, La Gomaina, Pedrola. Substitute bench: Tantalucci, Ravaglia, Barreca, Ronaldo Vieira, Askildsen, Magrida, Yepes, Girelli, Gonzalez, Stojanovic, Dele Monash, Lemina. 7.52 pm

  • Official formation: Cittadella responds in a 4-3-1-2 formation: Castrati – Salvi, Pavan, Ferrari, Giraudo – Vita, Branca, Amatocchi – Tessiore – Pitarello, Magrassi. Subs: Manero, Angeli, Carisone, Risa, Mastrantonio, Carrero, Kornvig, Danzi, Cassano, Maestrello, Pandolfi7.55 pm

  • Pirlo’s choices: Stankovic confirmed in goal, and Kasami makes his debut in midfield. Borini plays forward with Pedrola and La Gomaina7.57 pm

  • Gorrini’s picks: No particular surprises in the Venice line-up, Tessori wins the replay with Cassano in attacking midfield in support of Magrassi and Petarello. In midfield, trust Vita, Branca and Amatucci7.59 pm

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  • The teams are on the field in Marassi, almost everything is ready for the start of the match!8.28 pm

  • We’re going to go! The first ball of the match at the Cittadella Stadium!8.32 pm

  • 1′

    Now the castle! A mistake by Stankovic, who passed the ball to Petarello, then Doria’s goalkeeper did a good job to block the powerful shot from Cittadella’s number 11!8.51 pm

  • 3′

    Recovery by Verre who flies into the opponent’s half, but Gualtieri recognizes the handball and interrupts the move8.35 pm

  • 6′

    A very fragmented match at the start, and several mistakes in midfield were booed by Gualtieri8.38 pm

  • 7′

    Weaver! Good work from Pitarello who tames the ball and passes to the Cittadella attacking midfielder, and his shot ends up wide of the target.8.39 pm

  • 9′

    An attacking pass from Giraudo, his low cross was intercepted by Moro who had anticipated Magrassi8.41 pm

  • 10′

    Samp appears forward, soft first touch from Ferri in search of Borini, good intervention from Castrati8.42 pm

  • 14′

    Pirlo’s side struggle to get forward, often relying on Ferri who in the first quarter of the game looks the most active of his team.8.46 pm

  • 17′

    Still Petarello! A quick counterattack from Cittadella, and Pitarello dribbled at the edge of the penalty area on Gilardi, and his shot was blocked by Stankovic again!8.50 pm

  • 17′

    The first yellow card of the match also arrived, with Matteo Ricci booked8.50 pm

  • 20′

    A quick header from Ferri looks for one between Borini and La Gomaina, but the suggestion is halfway between the two colleagues.8.53 pm

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  • 21′

    life! He collects a loose ball after a short clearance from Moro, but Stankovic blocks his shot!8.53 pm

  • 25′

    Moro remained on the ground after the challenge, and the Sampdoria captain took an involuntary hit from Tessiore, but seemed able to continue without major problems.8.57 pm

  • 26′

    Girudo foul on Depaoli and first yellow card for Cittadella as well8.58 pm

  • 28′

    An unsuccessful corner kick from Sampdoria after Giordano’s offensive error on Tesori21:00

  • 30′

    Quick change of play by Farrar, as his pass is missed straight at the bottom9.02 pm

  • 33′

    High pressure but a foul by Petarello on Moro, Sampdoria will start from a free kick9.05 pm

  • 34′

    Pedrola! Sampdoria winger Borini sent the ball down the right flank, beat two opponents with a tricky pass, but his shot was blocked by Ferrari’s excellent slide.9.06 pm

  • 35′

    Depaoli is trying too! The former Verona player reaches for the draw after a rebound from the Cittadella defence, but his shot is out of bounds9.08 pm

  • 39′

    Very down to earth, a stark contrast to Vita9.11 pm

  • 39′

    The Cittadella midfielder has also been booked, and Vita also ends up on Gualtieri’s book9.11 pm

  • 42′

    Good idea from Ritchie who speeds up Kasami’s vertical play, but poor control from midfielder Dorian9.14 pm

  • 43′

    Goal! Sampdoria – Cittadella 1-0 Lagomina goal! A ball placed by Ferri in the middle from the left side, and the Blucherati striker controls it with his back to the goal, who turns and beats Castrati!

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    Take a look at Antonino La Gomaina’s player profile9.16 pm

    Antonino La Gumina
  • 45′

    Crossed by Vita from the right side, Depaoli does not risk it and passes it to a corner kick9.17 pm

  • 45′

    One minute of stoppage time9.17 pm

  • 45’+1′

    Cittadella’s corner goes wide, Branca sends it on the edge of the area and shoots high9.18 pm

  • 45’+1′

    The end of the first half! Samp ahead at the end of the first half!9.18 pm

  • Slow pace for Ferrari, Cittadella starts better, Stankovic twice challenges Petarello. Sampdoria lacked speed to maneuver in the last thirty metres, but they were able to break the deadlock in the final through the play of an experienced striker by La Gomaina who collected Ferri’s pass with his back to goal and beat Castrati into the bottom corner.9.21 pm

  • A result that may have punished Cittadella excessively, who was dangerous on two occasions and who looked more on the ball during the first 45 minutes.9.22 pm

  • 46′

    There is a change at Cittadella, with Carisone taking over from Girudo9.35 pm

  • 46′

    We start again at Marassi!9.35 pm

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