Science, art and music with the Armonie d’Arte Festival in Scholasseum

Science, art and music with the Armonie d’Arte Festival in Scholasseum

Art Harmony Festival It officially opened its 23rd edition at the Parco Scolacium with an extraordinary show, a real “challenge” compared to traditional premieres, as determined by the Artistic Director Claire Jordan. But it was a successful challenge as the audience responded actively and positively. On stage, among the ever-suggestive excavations of Scolacium and the charm and allure of millennium-old olive groves, “DNA: The show that makes science a play”. Original, innovative and experimental performance, created by the dei art collective producers (Vittorio Cosma, Gianni Marocolo, Riccardo Senigaglia, and Adriano Vetterbini) in association with the philosopher and evolutionist Telmo Bifani And Supported by the AIRC Foundation. Scientific and educational content made available to the general public through the language of visual art, music and entertainment: such is the success of a performance that presents itself as a journey from the origin of life to the current genetic mutations. The aim is to gain a greater awareness and approach to science and its pathological aspects no longer as insurmountable “great monsters” but as common biological phenomena.

Journey out of life

This project relies on the dialogue between different languages, the scientific narration to understand the logic of diseases and cancer in particular, and the dream-like visual poetic language, to reach an audience different from the traditional one. So far we have reported on research in the traditional way, but these events are often aimed at the public or schools. Combining the scientific story with the emotions of music and art, using theatrical rhythm, allows you to convey a lot more data as well as a more effective message” – states Telmo Bifani At the end of the concert – “Then, in this particularly fine setting, ancient and evocative, becomes an unprecedented show; this is the perfect place where nature and culture meet, just as in our destinations.” “Armonie d’Arte does not betray its identity: it is the stature of the great subjects of humanity and it is affirmed. Science, research and discovery are the common expression of a single theme, the great voyage, which is also a great place to land, and is the subject of this 23rd edition “- says Claire Jordan – “It was not evident that an extraordinary show, in which music tells science, would be understood and appreciated, especially on Saturday evenings in the summer, but it is clear that such important subjects of our time as scientific research, health and the environment have re-entered the consciousness of all. It seems increasingly That knowledge or awareness is the true saving value of our time.” A content- and suggestion-packed, evocative show by Music Deproducers: 9 Unreleased Songs by the 4 musicians who bring to life and enhance scholarly content by creating engaging soundtracks enriched with electronic and vibrant sounds.

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Human evolutionary history

The evolutionary history of man becomes a model for A cognitive and emotional journey Which leads to the discovery of some of the basic issues that man has faced since his appearance in the universe. Above all, it leads to the promotion of scientific research as an essential and necessary tool today in the fight against cancer. The last part of the presentation is devoted to cancer – and to research: “In the calendar of life there is a very deep mechanism, the tendency to return to primitive unicellular logic” – explains Bifani – “that cell that multiplies to return to its origins, it seems to act according to a senseless egoism. In Indeed, it has its causes: chance, environment, familiarity. Don’t worry about the bush, it’s not a ‘bad disease’, a ‘long illness’: it’s a cancer, it’s a natural phenomenon and like all natural phenomena it has a beginning, its development but it will also have an end.” Bifani borrows the words of Giovanni Falcone in one of his most famous pronouncements about the mafia, to unleash a powerful message of hope from the Armonie d’Arte theatre. I hope that only feeds in concretely in one way: by feeding research. Even from research directed towards other areas of research, a cure for cancer is finally emerging. It is said of the possibility of making unexpected and happy discoveries by chance “honesty”. Sharing this concept, Pievani and the Deproducers take their final leave from the Armonie d’Arte Festival audience, accompanied by a long standing ovation. The appointment with Armonie d’Arte is already for this evening with Cesare Bocci and his tribute to Lucio Battisti on the 25th anniversary of his death, in an exclusive regional show at 10 pm in the new site of the festival, the Botanical Garden of Soverato.

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