Jessica Notaro and Filippo Bologni got married at the Royal Palace of Venaria: “We dreamed of a Disney wedding.”

A fairytale love story culminated in the royal palace of Venaria. Accompanied by her father and to the tunes of the movie beauty and the beast , Jessica Notaro and Filippo Bologni They said yes to each other on the lawn in front of the royal residence in Turin. She is wearing a beautiful white dress With a long veil With a sweetheart neckline, he is wearing a white formal suit and riding boots. The ceremony was held this afternoon, Monday, September 18, in the presence of many dignitaries, in addition to the bride and groom’s families and close friends, bringing the total to more than 500 guests.

Four dream dresses, signed Amy’s AtelierAlso with matching collars Nala’s dog They were made for the occasion and the dresses were made for bridesmaids and best friend as well as Jessica’s mother-in-law and aunt.

The party

The two met in Viracavalli Verona In 2019: At the end of the race last year, he proposed to her.

Both have been in Turin since Sunday evening at the “Casa di Court”, having chosen the Savoy residence for their very armored wedding. It all starts at 6pm, With the rain stopping in time to allow entry from the southern gardens where the communal rituals are held, Horse-drawn carriage upon arrival.

Candlesticks and gold cutlery

4.48pm “Federico Fashion Style” – TV hair stylist With one million followers on social media – the countdown to the final preparations has begun from the palace. He was also there in the audience.

I spent an evening among the tables decorated with tall candelabra, white flowers and gold cutlery. Jessica Notaro and Filippo Bologni did not ask for gifts, Directly, but rather a charitable donation for the benefit of women victims of violence.

Muted by her ex-husband in 2017

In 2017, she was a showgirl Victim of violence From her ex-boyfriend, Edson Tavares, who cut her face with acid. The event that shook Italy. Notaro stayed distorted Over the years, he had to undergo several surgeries, but he never recovered the use of one eye, which he always wore covered with a bandage.

The singer and former Miss Romania, thanks to her courage and media exposure, has become one of the symbols of the battle against violence against women in our country. Tavares was eventually sentenced to more than 15 years in prison.

The dream dress and the ceremony organized by the wedding planner, with the hairstyle done by him Federico Fashion StyleThe wedding takes place in one of the most romantic places in the Turin region, which extends over 80,000 square meters in its huge building and 60 hectares of garden.

Showgirl Remini, 33, and Reggio Emilia horse riding champion, 29, have been together for exactly three years. Last November, Filippo proposed to Jessica During Fieracavalli in VeronaWhere they met in 2019.

What made them fall in love was their passion for horses. It was true love at first sight between them, which happened in the first meeting on the occasion of the world’s leading event in the equestrian sector, the venue of the only Italian stage of the World Cup. There, in November 2022, the “official announcement” also arrived, as a photo on her Facebook page says.

September 18, 2023

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