Allegri, sudden move in the first two formations

Allegri, sudden move in the first two formations

Turin First game of the season Juventus: In the I continue The first match of the season took place between formation A and B.

under the eyes of the president Ferrero And the management of Juventus, the match ended in a draw: in favor of Juventus B VlakhovichGrid replied Ealing Juventus A. cheerfulHowever, in both formations, use a 3-5-2, receiving various interesting ideas from the field.

Juventus, see Rabiot again

Some of the big names did not participate in the race, as they had just returned to Continassa. KenAnd BeanAnd PogbaAnd Daniel himself RabiotFreshly renewed for another season, they worked separately. This morning the French midfielder arrived at the resort on the orders of Max Allegri: for him there was a lot of enthusiasm above all in indulging in selfies and autographs with some young fans who were waiting for him outside J Medical.

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