How to renovate porches, balconies and gardens, eliminate mosquitoes, ticks and ants and ideas to enjoy them to the fullest

How to renovate porches, balconies and gardens, eliminate mosquitoes, ticks and ants and ideas to enjoy them to the fullest

How to renew balconies, terraces and gardens, get rid of mosquitoes, ticks and ants, ideas to enjoy them to the fullest in the summer? Porches, terraces and gardens in summer turn into additional real livable environments in a house in which the life of the house is concentrated, especially in the cold hours. To enjoy it to the fullest, however, the advice is to prevent it from being attacked by mosquitoes, ticks, ants or other insects.

  • How to renovate balconies, terraces and gardens in the summer
  • Solutions to eliminate mosquitoes, ticks and ants
  • Ideas for better living in summer verandas, balconies and gardens

How to renovate balconies, terraces and gardens in the summer

To modernize terraces, terraces and gardens, there are different systems and solutions that can be used, from climbing plants to grow on gratings or railings to ivy, wisteria, Virginia creeper, passion flower. To plant trees to keep the balcony cool, you can choose large fruit and citrus trees or olive trees, oleander, pittosporum.

Other solutions for refreshing balconies, terraces and gardens are External sprayers and fans. Starting with nebulizers, these are special irrigation systems to use to reduce the temperature in the area of ​​the nebulizers, because the water, evaporating, carries heat with it. Misting systems for porches, balconies and gardens not only allow you to refresh the area of ​​the garden of interest, but also keep insects away.

Outdoor fans keep porches, balconies and gardens cool, ensuring very fresh and comfortable air in summer, especially on hot days. Then there are the classic louvers that can be purchased and installed on balconies and under pergolas to freshen the air on hot summer days.

But the simplest solution to modernize verandas, terraces and gardens is to install blindswhich represent a shield from the sun’s rays, also for the interior of the house because by protecting the terrace or veranda you prevent the sun’s rays and therefore the heat from reaching the house.

There are many models of awnings that are installed on balconies and terraces. In fact, different types of umbrellas are available in the market, such as:

  • vertical blinds, suitable for small spaces, ideal for smaller balconies;
  • Curtains in acrylic fabric, a fabric that guarantees water resistance, prevents mold formation and guarantees excellent protection from the sun’s rays;
  • for drop-down umbrellas, which are umbrellas that drop vertically;
  • roller blinds, awnings that wrap around a metal pane located in the upper part and which open with the fabric stretched on a tubular rod located in the lower part, which can be opened and closed both manually and electronically;
  • umbrellas that can reach 4 meters in length;
  • perogetende, which allows you to open or close the umbrella when you want. The perogetende can also be made of different materials, for example in polycarbonate, in fabric, in transparent vinyl or in PVC.

Solutions to eliminate mosquitoes, ticks and ants

To eliminate and defend against mosquitoes, ticks, and ants, you can use both natural methods and chemical insecticides, but also innovative systems. Among the possible natural ways to eliminate mosquitoes, ticks and ants, there are, first of all, specific plants and flowers that allow you to keep annoying insects away from the house and garden, for example:

  • lemongrass;
  • basil;
  • Mint;
  • Rosemary;
  • geranium.
  • lavender.
  • Calendula.
  • lantana, a plant that adapts well both outdoors and indoors;
  • Monarda.
  • Catambra.
  • Agerato.

To eliminate ants in particular in the garden, you can use natural systems such as:

  • garlic;
  • vinegar;
  • Laurel.
  • cinnamon;
  • Mint;
  • cloves, just to put and leave where ants have been seen;
  • calcium carbonate, to be scattered along window and door sills, corners and along walls;
  • talcum powder.

Chemical systems can also be used to eliminate mosquitoes, ants and ticks, bearing in mind that there are many insecticides and pesticides on the market, all of which are very useful, and which solve the problem of the presence of insects in a short time, but they must be used correctly. To avoid harming health considering that it is always about chemicals.

To eliminate ticks, it is also possible to spread vegetable dung consisting of lavender and nettles, a real natural insecticide but also enriches the soil, but you can also eliminate plants that attract ticks, such as broom, preferring those that drive them. away, like basil, pew, or lemongrass.

Not only natural and chemical products: to eliminate mosquitoes and ants above all, there are also innovative systems that eliminate mosquitoes and keep them away from other insects such as Ultrasonic repellers against mosquitoes, ants and other insects.

These are plastic devices that work simply plugged into household sockets and are very useful because these insects are disturbed by electrical appliances that emit high frequency sounds that are inaudible to the human ear above 20 kilohertz.

Ideas for better living in summer verandas, balconies and gardens

Balconies, terraces and gardens are the home spaces that are most appreciated in the summer and to enjoy them to the fullest, there are many solutions to make them beautiful, comfortable and livable in the summer.

Among the ideas for Live better on summer verandas, balconies and gardens There are useful and lovely furnishings, such as tables, chairs and armchairs but also comfortable sunbeds or loungers to rest in the cool of summer. And again, wicker or rattan sofas and armchairs, wrought iron chairs, wooden furniture.

You can also place grills, barbecues, plants, flowers, outdoor rugs and cushions on porches, balconies and gardens. On large balconies or gardens, if space permits, you can also place small, medium or even large swimming pools. And it is certainly one of the best ideas for making the most of a garden or veranda in the summer and when it is warmer.

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