Germany’s protest against Japan in the Qatar World Cup – Football

Germany’s protest against Japan in the Qatar World Cup – Football

Doha – The Germany challenge the FIFA and the Qatar. At the entrance to the stadium for the match against JapanGerman captain, goalkeeper Manuel Neuerand wore the official FIFA badge. But she’s covered in a little other T-shirt: So she opted not to wear a rainbow headband from the “One Love” campaign, so FIFA had threatened to detain the players They wore it because it was against the regulations for wearing official equipment. Incredibly, given that the wing was covered, the lines assistant Ziglar, from Suriname, went to check if it was a “banned” band. Literally surreal scene. Whereas TV never takes a close view noirnot even during replays: who knows what to be afraid of.

Germany, band protest denied: hands in front of the mouth

And then, everyone puts their hands in front of their mouths, as if imitating a gag. After the chants, when it was time to take the group photo, the German players organized a kind of flash mob. which seems to imitate the “gag”: a clear message, Against FIFA and Qatar who banned the Captain Rainbow badge from the “One Love” campaign. Only for a moment, however, it was collected by the paparazzi and is highly visible from the stadium. But it was overshadowed by the international directors who did not broadcast the images of that protest. He wore a rainbow ensemble in the stands Nancy VisserGerman Minister of the Interior. at his side There was a FIFA president, Gianni Infantino.

Nancy Wesser (second from left), German Minister of the Interior, wears the One Love scarf. In the stands next to him are FIFA President Gianni Infantino (first from left) and German Football Association number one Bernd Neuendorf (ANSA)

Germany, Football Association: “Human rights are non-negotiable”

there German Football Association He then explained the gesture, if it was ever needed, with the note: “With the captain’s armband we wanted to set an example for the values ​​we have in the German national team: diversity and mutual respect. This is not a political message: human rights are non-negotiable. It must go.” This goes without saying. Unfortunately, it hasn’t happened yet. That’s why this message is so important to us. Along with other nations, we wanted our voice to be heard. Keeping us from using a headband is like closing our mouths. We stand our ground.”

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