Day 5 Preview: Game-by-game, who should and shouldn’t play in fantasy football

Day 5 Preview: Game-by-game, who should and shouldn’t play in fantasy football

Genoa is still focusing on solidity, Dragosin could be an idea in defense while for Martin it depends on alternatives. Sabelli is improving, and more attacking than De Winter. Bane comes from a goal but can’t always score. Strootman is better than Badelj and Frendrup for today, Gudmundsson is untouchable as a fantasy player and should be deployed Ritejoy. With Malinowski’s reservation.

The mission of redemption for Milan, in defense also applies to Thiao who can play this time, as well as Tomori. Calabria from 6, Theo should always be worn (with a reserve if rested). Musah can provide a good rating, Loftus-Cheek should still be placed with a reservation. Krunic is enough, and Reynders can perform well. Pulisic You can’t touch it, you have to wear it. Jiro: Yes, with a backup in case that happens. And Liao You can’t argue in fantasy football.

No to defending Verona, including Hen. Varone on the right would also rather not have Lazovic on the left a little better. Who will really try to put the Rossoneri’s defense in a difficult position is him NgongAs for the rest, Duda is still better than Hongla and Folorunsho – in the run-off – remains better than Mbula. Djuric, like Bonazzoli, is not the first choice.

In Sassuolo, the weak point remains the defence, which conceded four goals from Frosinone even if the two full-backs provided assists. It is best to avoid the back four against Juve. Matheus Henrique can play a good game and a little more, Buluka can’t compete. Bajrami is very inconsistent, Llorente also has his ups and downs but is a little better. Berardi Yes always. Pinamonti is in good shape, even fit.

At Lazio, Lazzari can be dusted off, while Romagnoli is the better midfielder. chance to Guendouzi for fantasy football, but Kamada could also be placed as a reserve. Luis Alberto It’s always yes, Cataldi this time with a good vote. There are some ups and downs but Felipe Anderson and Zaccagni still have to be included, especially in this one. The same goes for Immobile, he still deserves the chance. With reservations, Isaksen.

At Monza, Izzo could be the best defender, even Berendelli doesn’t inspire much on the wing. Cioria is better than Pessina, not Gagliardini. Colbani He fits here too, for Motta it depends on the subs while Colombo can fit in there.

For Empoli, this is the first time from Andreazzoli, who is back and should return to his 4-3-1-2 formation. More central In danseIt is one of the few that can be published. Cambiagi If you don’t have great options in attack, Caputo struggles a bit more. In the middle, Marin remains the most reliable midfielder, but he is not the best option. It is best to avoid defensiveness.

Few turnovers for Inter, some big names should be placed in reserve such as Bastoni, Dumfries and Barella. Pavard, Acerbe and De Vrij are deployable, and Darmian is very good. Should be placed FratesiBut also Mkhitaryan again. Calhanoglu Yes, better with reservations. Lautaro should be put on probation, and that’s it, regardless. Great confidence in Swellingwith Arnautovic and Sanchez in reserve.

Cagliari’s defense is not interesting, the wingers are slightly better with Zappa better than Augello in the game. The Nandez of wrestling, Makombo and Sulaymana here are very little fantasy. Luvombo He could be the best striker (including Pavoletti), and he’s the one who can try the most.

🔴 Udinese – Fiorentina:

Puyol can play at the heart of Udinese’s defence, and Perez is better than Christensen. No for Ebosele, Kamara is not very interesting. Wallace usually gives 5.5/6. Levric gives enough, Samardzic With increasing confidence. Pereira with a reserve. Between Thauvin and Luca, the second could be a bit more in terms of goalscoring.

There are still runoff rounds in Fiorentina after the conference. The dodo can be worn, as in Parisian. Milinkovic gives enough and the fourth too. The midfielder doesn’t look much like the fantasy player, certainly better Bonaventure. Gonzalez with safety back-up, Brekalo and Kouame are not first options. A slightly better outing than Beltran in the match, but only because he started from first position.

In Bologna something against Naples can also be found. Not the centre-backs, but the full-backs (a bit more Bosch than Christiansen). In the middle there is not much for Fanta and today Moreau, Freuler and Abecher. better Ferguson, as well as the Ndoye-Orsolini pair (both with reservations, the usual run-off). Zirkzee can play despite the game, as can Karlsson who has a great shot from outside.

In Naples Written by Lorenzo It remains the most reliable, and is always promoted. Østegaard and Juan Jesus may face some difficulties. Mario Rui could fit on the left. Anguissa down, Lobotka too but still enough. Zielinski will be placed regardless, with Raspadori and Elmas as backup (also Lindstrom and Simeone, who have little playing time). It’s clear that Osimhen is always putting himself forward. Kvaratskhelia still deserves another chance, Politano To spread.

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In Turin, both Shores and Bongiorno could also be pitted against Lukaku-Dybala, although there are some additional risks. It better not be a good morning. Bellanova is better than Lazaro, no to Tamzi and yes to Ricci. Vlasic can adapt when he returns. Radonich It should be there in your training. Zapata to be rewarded, he is fine.

In Roma’s defence, you can think of Llorente and Mancini more than N’Dicka, with only Smalling covering. Christensen E Spinazzola Promoted in the lane, for Cristante it’s not always Christmas while Aouar remains better than Paredes. Dybala Yes, Lukaku too: no doubt about the strikers.

Jacka Bigol (DC) could be a good option on defense, coming off a good report card grade. Philip Kostic (E, W) Great for the band, especially like E. DavidFratesi (C) is untouchable like the C in Mantra, and this time it is also played from the beginning.

Giacomo Bonaventura (C, T) is another excellent C al Mantra, which is difficult to stay away from due to its offensive skills. Like T, however, we press on Charles de Kettler (T) It is among the best to date, also recorded in Europe.

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