Former World Champion Crowns Merritt: “He Did It On The Field!”

Former World Champion Crowns Merritt: “He Did It On The Field!”

There are now exactly two weeks until the return a series to me Therefore, upon return Naples by Spalletti in the official contest. expected blues in San Siro For the big game vsInterIt will be his job to confirm the good things seen in the early part of the season.

Stay steady highest ranking So he will be the main target for the Neapolitans, who looked dominant and immediately at the top despite the premonition of the early season. sir Spalletti He knew how to get himself to the top Naples Against the skeptical statements though, prof Former world championrecently reaffirmed its confidence in blue Since the start of the tournament.

“Always confident in Naples”, Amelia’s words

World champion in 2006 (although without going on the field), former goalkeeper Milan Marco Amelia on mics TMW extension. Among the many topics covered, the most obvious is the current state of league With praise attached to the departure Naples.

Marco Amelia (Getty Images)

This is what came:

On Spalletti in Naples:”I have put Napoli in pole position since August, against the opinions of those who called me crazy. They lost their poles but I know Spalletti’s skills well and I was confident. The Azzurri played well in both La Liga and Europe e They are undoubtedly the strongest team. The group is united and gaining more and more euphoria and maturity“.

Amelia praises Merritt, the words on the number one are blue

As often happens, Amelia He never leaves comments and praises towards his Italian “colleagues”. This time it was MerrittWhich the former world champion dispensed with the words of honey.

Merritt Naples
Alex Merritt (Getty Images)

Amelia on Merritt:”Its performance does not surprise me. I know his qualities and I know that with the right trust he can do a good job. I’m glad he got the praise from the environment on the field“.

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