Long live the bread and plank! Now science says so, too

Long live the bread and plank!  Now science says so, too

July 15, 2023, 5.40pm

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Palermo – It is considered a gastronomic specialty typical of street food, and is a kind of symbol of Palermo cuisine. It’s bread and slab, fried chickpea flour pancakes. Now this typical snack that can also make up a complete meal has received the health food seal, to be rediscovered and included in a varied and balanced diet. He endorses it Frank Perino 79, a well-known epidemiologist – who worked for many years at the National Cancer Institute in Milan, where he coordinated a project on the relationship between nutrition and cancer and which today promotes proper nutrition as a valuable tool for preventing cancer – who explains how the so-called macro-Mediterranean diet helps us live better and in good health.

We have adopted the term macro-Mediterranean – says the doctor in the online journal Cronache di gusto, directed by Fabrizio Carrera – to describe a cuisine that respects Mediterranean traditions, oriental traditions, and a macrobiotic philosophy of balance between yin (feminine, refreshing, relaxing) and yang energy (masculine, warming, energizing and contracting) And the official recommendations of scientific bodies, in particular the European Code for Cancer Control, remembering that those who respect it die not only from cancer, but also from all chronic degenerative diseases. They combine cereals and legumes.

“And fried foods are also welcome, – the doctor admits – It all depends on what is used for frying if it is made of extra virgin olive oil or even of lard of the past mustard, obtained from animals that ate healthy food and not producing dairy offal as is the case today, even fried is good, provided it is A quick fry, made with good fat.” The ideal choice would be homemade paneli, freshly fried, as recommended by Perrino. “It was one of the first times I came to Palermo on business. I tasted bread and plate alla fucciria, and then Stiggioli too.” (Handle).

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