Dybala said yes to Inter, countdown to signing

Dybala said yes to Inter, countdown to signing

Few details have yet to be provided but the parties expect to ratify everything within a week

Follow Paulo Dybala everything from Miami, as he was on vacation with his partner, has apparently been updated by his trusted Antun. No surprises, more or less as expected, including a rumored skirmish, The normal party plays in any negotiations. But on the other hand, whatInter He was ready for the show it was already known to him for days, if not weeks. Yesterday at the Nerazzurri headquarters in Viale della Liberazione was a kind of confrontation in favor of the cameras and reporters. The Argentine yes is convinced, the signature – everyone is sure – will arrive soon. One week and everything will be certified. Then only his new shirt number would remain to be selected. The Nerazzurri.

The basic salary should be 6 million net per seasonMore rewards to get up its 7 o’clock A significant part of it is easily accessible in order to satisfy Anton’s requests, if not completely. This, on the other hand, also falls within the normal concessions of any negotiation. There is still room for negotiation Agreement Duration, you have to find the square between four years or three years with an option for the fourth year. Also regarding the end signature bonus – Practice in use In the case of agreements with free players – there is something to offer. But, as mentioned, a lot is getting done. Or rather, everything is open today after the communications that took place in the past few weeks. Once again the agreement will be ratified. What matters now is that Dybala adopted the Inter project one hundred percent.

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