All advances from 13 to 17 June 2022

All advances from 13 to 17 June 2022

New episodes of soap week will air on Rai 3: Double Date starting at 20:25, scheduled for Tuesday and Friday.

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starts again place in the sunWith a new week full of dates Rai 3. Let’s find out all the plots and previews for the new episodes of the series from June 13-17, 2022. Tuesday, June 14 is scheduled to be double ring (to retrieve those that were not broadcast last Thursday), as well as for Friday 17, since Thursday 16 as will not broadcast. On these occasions, the date is set starting at 20:25, while the rest of the week the series will be broadcast at the usual time from 20:45.

Monday 13th June

Katia Chiara helps her deal with it with difficulty resolution: She won’t ask Nunzio to wait for her while she’s in prison, so she’ll have to leave him. After a furious quarrel with his brother Ricardo and Nunzio, Steven will go home VirginiaAnd between the two, passion will flare up again. Raffaele struggles to hide his country SecretOrnella and Renato find it more and more strange. Cerruti finally manages to find the strength to lock up with Sarti and leave again.

Tuesday, June 14 (double episode starts at 20:25)

Episode 1: Nunzio is not willing to give up on Chiara and the love he feels for her: he’ll have one counter suggestion for the girl. Stefano and Virginia need to clarify what happened last night, while Ricciardo is trying to gradually re-establish contact with Rossella. Tender sympathy between the young Jimmy And Christina will undergo a severe test at an “official” occasion.

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Episode 2: Rossella and Ricardo seem destined not to shorten the distance: the girl wants to keep their relationship only on a strict level Professionals. Nunzio returns to reflect on Chiara’s shocking proposal. Meanwhile, at lunch together, Ferry and Larra They seem to be rediscovering their classic complicity, while Jimmy will have to overcome a major challenge while eating the meal at Ferry’s house.

Wednesday 15th June

Despite all attempts to remain indifferent, Marina was stunned by the prospect of Roberto approaching Lara. Clear He manages to fulfill his dream with Nunzio, while Michele begins to not tolerate Ricciardo’s behavior towards his daughter Rosella. Meanwhile one explodes new discussion Between Michaela, Nico and Renato also about the education and independence of young Jimmy.

Thursday 16 June

Thursday 16 June 2022 place in the sun will not broadcast To make way for athletics: straight from Oslo there will be the sixth stage of the Diamond League (also Marcel Jacobs on the track).

Friday, June 17 (double episode starts at 20:25)

Episode 1: Raffaele receives a terrible new one warning by Lilo Valsano. Meanwhile, Filippo and Serena discuss Chiara’s proposal to become CEO Petron Group. Lara uses her pregnancy to get close to Roberto, but Ferry thinks only of Marina.

Episode 2: After Diego’s accident, Rafael forced to succumb to the threats of criminals. Meanwhile, Mariella tries to convince Cerruti to get distracted so he doesn’t think of Bruno, but he may not be successful. Alberto finds out Clara He wants to drop the state exam and will try to get her to follow in her footsteps.

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