The tragedy of Laurel Kocarini, after discovering the disease she lives without: what was removed from her

The tragedy of Laurel Kocarini, after discovering the disease she lives without: what was removed from her

Showgirl Lorella Kocarini underwent surgery to recover from an illness: this is what was removed from her.

Do you know the famous Lorella Kocarini Did you have an illness that forced you to have surgery? Today she is fine and fully recovered, but now live without a member Small but very important.

Lorella Kocarini –

A few days ago, the presenter returned to TV on Canale 5 where she will be working as a dance teacher at a school friends. Freshman picks have recently started, but the first dramas and the first quarrels with the colleague have already erupted Alessandra CelentanoA very strict classical dance teacher.

Showgirl has been in the entertainment world since she was very young, when she was discovered in the 80s bebo budu, a historical figure in Italian television as well as a great talented scout. It was around this time that he began to sing and dance in front of the cameras, and was always in conflict with his rival at the time. Heather Parisia dancer with a more traditional training.

Today she is undoubtedly one of the most famous women in the world of television and one can believe that her life has always been perfect. In fact, a while ago, he had one illness And it had to work. Today he lives without a very important member.

Lorela Kocarini, disease and surgery

In 2002, Lorela Kocarini found out that she had a bad disease, but she did not lose heart and decided to fight it. she was thyroid cancerResulting inThyroidectomy And a long recovery. Recovery was not easy, because without the thyroid gland to regulate the hormonal cycle, I underwent several fluctuations in weight, even the most noticeable.

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The actress allowed herself to go during an interview where she told everything. As I mentioned today, she said she was cured, and also thanks to Carethanks ahealthy nutrition. “I got out of it thanks to targeted therapies. The food, not so little, helped put me back on the right track. I found myself determined. And the fixed view of important values, such as those of coexistence, only need to be restored“.

Lorella Kocarini –

It has revealed, in fact, that in the past many have followed Wrong dietWhich we regret. “Over time, I followed different diets, and sometimes I make mistakes. I especially remember excessive protein: it was fashionable at the time. Going back, I’ll avoid it: it can be harmful, especially if it’s just meat-based“.

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