Giulia Salemi and Pierpaolo Pritelli, love at the end of the line? Mother Fariba speaks: “I see myself forced to …”

Giulia Salemi and Pierpaolo Pritelli, love at the end of the line?  Mother Fariba speaks: “I see myself forced to …”

Rumors persist about the breakup between Giulia Salemi and Pierpaolo Pritelli. However, the silence is now being broken by Julia’s mother, Fariba Tehrani, who shared a story on her Instagram profile in which she complained about the meddling of some of her followers. However, the woman did not refer to the estrangement between her daughter and Pritelli, but merely demanded more privacy from her fans: «It seems disrespectful that people who found my phone number through work or buying for charities continue to write. Or even urgently call me! Fariba wrote.

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On her Instagram page, Fariba Tehrani wanted to tell her followers that she had suffered another breach of privacy: “It is absurd that we invade our privacy! Either I speak ill of my berth, or I ask thoughtless questions! Who truly loves you does not conquer! ». What immediately caught the attention of the followers was the reference to the story of Fariba and Britelli’s daughter. The unwise questions Fariba is talking about could actually be the ones followers will ask her daily about the validity of the rumors about the boys breaking up. “I am forced to close this number and buy another phone card with a new number,” Tehrani continued.

The warning

Julia’s mother continued to comment on the incident, again referring to some questions regarding the family’s affairs: «The most absurd thing is that they also think they are right, in addition to annoying by insisting on contact, perhaps even in chaotic moments. They expect me to answer them, too. But do you think that I have come to break your soul and ask you about your family matters??? ».

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