Bianca Atzei in slippers she goes to buy … high-heeled shoes – Vip . look

Bianca Atzei in slippers she goes to buy … high-heeled shoes – Vip . look

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Company shopping for Bianca Atzi. The singer was pinched in the center of Milan with her dog, apple. On a very hot summer morning, Bianca wandered the streets of the center, browsing through shop windows and making purchases. But what did he buy?

slipper shopping

Bianca Atzi goes shopping in slippers
Bianca in the middle with Apple

He greets photographers, stops for a selfie with a fan, smiles, and talks on the phone: Bianca Atzi Beautiful and very beautiful. Engaged in a fashion district shopping session, she opted for casual but elegant outfits. An orange short dress with white graphics, tied at the waist with a belt, is perfect for this season. A pair of square sunglasses Prada They protected the eyes from the bright sun while the big bag of Saint Laurent Shoulder-mounted, it contains everything necessary for a shopping outing. However, Bianca’s comfort was at her feet. In fact, the singer was wearing slippers Birkenstock With a high sole. Perfect for smooth walking on sidewalks.

sensual heels

Bianca Atzi goes shopping in slippers
La Atzei in the photo of the launch of her new song “Playa Nera”

Let’s stay on the topic of shoes. Bianca Atzi She may have gone out shopping in low-tops, but she’s probably bought high-heeled shoes. Satchel Lou Sila, a brand of sensual, unmistakable décolleté. What model will interest Bianca? It is impossible to know exactly but what we do know is that these days on the social networks of the artist some pictures of the launch of his summer song appeared, Playa Nira. And what does the outfit fit into the shots? A couple of attractive gaming platforms from the brand. Fuchsia and jewel details do not go unnoticed. The singer combines them with a one-piece swimsuit with a plunging neckline. Fresh with slippers or provocative with the plateau? Decided to look at the show.

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Lou Sila

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