Melina, major depression, transcranial stimulation: Fedez talks about illness and his mental health

Melina, major depression, transcranial stimulation: Fedez talks about illness and his mental health

How is Fedez? “Good compared to what it was before” at the hospital. But the rapper says today in an interview with Corriere della Sera I lost a lot of blood: “Half of the blood that was in my body.” The most ridiculous thing is that that morning I took a trans-oceanic flight. If I had not realized what was happening, I would have fallen ill in the ocean, on a plane to Los Angeles, not knowing how it would have ended.” Federico Leonardo Lucia suddenly became ill. The endoscopy he underwent led to emergency surgery. The professor ruled out Massimo Falcone, who treated him at the time of his pancreatic neuroendocrine tumor, suggested a link to the disease. Then the rapper went under the knife for the second time. Finally resigning from the Sacco Fatbenfratelli Hospital.

“I was pooping blood.”

Fedez tells Aldo Cazzolo how he realized he was sick. “I was home and put the kids to bed. I had already experienced a drop in blood pressure, but a bigger drop came and I fainted. Then I called the ambulance. I was very white, not that I was exactly like Carlo Conte now, but in short I was whiter than now. I spent the night in the emergency room, and in the morning I realized that I had melena. What is melena? Literally, “I was defecating blood.” My blood count was 7 instead of 14. They intervened urgently to stop the bleeding and, in short, do everything necessary. To stop the bleeding of the ulcer. I also had to undergo two blood transfusions: In addition to thanking the doctors, especially Dr. Marco Antonio Zappa, and the nurses and nurses at Fatebenefratelli who treated me, I would like to thank all the blood donors.

Psychological health

Then he declares: “As soon as I regain my strength, I want to do something for Ives, to invite others to donate blood; Personally, if it weren’t for these blood transfusions, I wouldn’t be here talking to you.” The second time he ended up under the knife, he instead suffered “an ischemic hemorrhage, again in the stomach.” There is a connection with clinical antecedents: “Because of a tumor I had an operation “Removing the head of the pancreas and the duodenum and removing the gallbladder and a piece of intestine: it’s possible that the ulcers that formed during that surgery were stitched. But in fact I’ve been having other health problems this summer, so much so that I’ve lost a lot of weight in the last few months.” He suffered from psychosomatic disorders: “first shingles, then stress-induced gastritis.”

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the level

“Stress is a condition that is not linked to social class or money,” Fedez explains. Being rich does not make us immune to fear or emotional stress. In my case, being diagnosed with pancreatic cancer at age 33 is the main reason. And then, if you think about it, illnesses are on a Toto level: they don’t look down on anyone, and they bring with them mental health ramifications that can be really important. He says he had serious problems: “I had to face them, and I’m still facing them.” I have no shame or embarrassment in talking about it. “I went through severe depression and it helped me a lot to hear other people’s experiences – how others were or faced a harsh diagnosis.”


Fedez says he accepted Francesca Fagnani’s invitation Monsters Just to talk about this. Because “mental health is a problem that worries many young people, boys and girls. Maybe listening to my experience, the experience of someone who thinks they’re happy because they have everything, could have helped them feel less alone or say to themselves: Well, this can really happen to anyone. “Looking for a reference helped me a lot: When I discovered the disease, I looked for someone who had the same or similar condition to me.” He says that when he discovered pancreatic cancer, he went to Google and found a death sentence.

the disease

Then he spoke to Gianluca Vialli: “We had to deal with pancreatic cancer, and I had to undergo the same surgery that he had. This was the first time I cried on the phone with someone I had never met before. It was a very powerful thing. Vialli was a great person. He was very close to me before and after the operation.” Back upstairs Monsters To let Ray know he didn’t want to because “I wasn’t welcome.” And they made a statement that I found really disturbing. Do you know why? Because I was in the hospital, literally dying, and I didn’t have a chance to respond. I also found it particularly neglected on a human level. Then I learned one thing from Ray: When you get on stage to talk about politicians, Ray doesn’t like it because there’s no questioning. But even in my case there was no way to conduct an interrogation. Therefore, I point out that it is a unilateral rule, which they only apply when they want.”

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Regarding the disease, he explains that he is not subject to chemotherapy. “There are no more cancer cells in my body, but it is clear that no medicine is 100 percent safe. For example in terms of setbacks. “Maybe that’s also why I fell into severe depression, which led to a hypomanic episode.” That is, “You end up completely losing clarity.” So, to treat myself, I started taking psychiatric medications, which are sometimes not without side effects. “Then to treat the side effects of one drug, they would prescribe another drug, and so on. The result was that I stuttered, I shook, and I couldn’t think clearly anymore. I got to a point where I had to stop everything suddenly, and I had what’s called a rebound effect.”

Psychiatrist and psychotherapist

Today, he is followed by a psychiatrist and a psychotherapist. But he also tried transcranial stimulation: “It’s electromagnetic shocks to the brain.” The annual session will close soon. He returns to hospitalization: “Hospitalization allows you to reorganize your priorities, and illness makes you understand who the people who are really close to you are, and who are really important to you. It is very beautiful to discover these people, and it is less beautiful to discover the absence of others.” Then he says that “behind the characters there are people, with their own fragility. If today I live in a state of economic privilege, even if it is of a certain strength, this does not mean that I do not suffer during “Being in the hospital and having people wish you dead. In fact, it’s very painful.”

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He says he was sad when he learned he had entered Fantamorto’s game. “Those who bet on me were hoping to win. This hurts me.” He concludes: “In the end, in certain situations, social background does not matter, privilege does not matter: we are all human beings. And since I have to find meaning in all of this, so that it is not just pain, I hope that my experiences can help build something Beautiful for others, can be helpful for those who are facing or will face things similar to what I am facing. Experienced as I live.”

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