Masks for maturation, yes or no? Science Divided: Opinions

Masks for maturation, yes or no?  Science Divided: Opinions

The government decides to comply or not, but experts are also divided over the chance of testing with masks

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The National controversy on me Possible obligation to wear masks mark final exams. The issue continues to be so politically divided that a meeting between the Minister of Health, Roberto Speranzaeducation, Patrizio Bianchi. Here, one decision prevailed A Simple recommendation. but me too Various experts keep getting it different ideas And in some cases even opposing.

Mandatory masks: Bassetti reverse, expensive softer

between More stringent Towards the obligation hypothesis remains prominent Matteo Bassetti. “In the same schools where we have Been voted will start Eighth grade and maturity exams. yesterday, wrong – wrong – wrongit was there The elderly and the weak without masks. For them it was registered parcelAnd they weren’t wearing it. for 13 and 18 years old Alternatively there may be an obligation. boys arrive misleading messagesand the words “yes to writing and no to oral” is crazyAnd so, at Adnkronos Health, Director of Infectious Diseases atSan Martino Hospital in Genoa.

On the other hand, he has a different opinion Massimo Galli. “We are talking about Masks required for writing and possibility delete themIf the distances are reasonable, then Oral. looks like one to me This request makes sense. but if Distances and ventilation conditions It is also acceptable During the writings can be removed. The I got my high school diploma in the corridorwith long distanceExplanation of the former Director of the Department of Infectious Diseases in the Arab Republic of EgyptSacco Hospital in Milan.

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Reasons for yes: “We protect maturity.”

The world of viruses is more direct Fabrizio Brigliasco. “during the writingsI think there is a file Environmental context facilitates potential infection – He’s credited –. the masks They will protect the students from any positivessave Health up to the mouth of maturity. here, with a file Nice distribution of spaceswith Common sense and attention Even ventilation, they can Removal“.

Yes to commitment is also Walter RicciardiFurthermore it Adviser to the Minister of Health, Roberto Speranza. “At this point in the pandemic, masks indoors still indispensable Compared to A The virus is still spreadingwhich is likely to be one of the Most infectious disease pathogens on earth. indoor Strong recommendation for its use. The same applies to schools and high school exams‘, said the hygiene professor atcatholic university.

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