Taylor Swift even makes people sing at the movies

Taylor Swift even makes people sing at the movies

The first big moment in the film about Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour comes as soon as the lights go out. A girl says out loud: “Oh my God, did I have to ask permission to sing?” “I want to sing!” comes the answer from a woman sitting a few rows away: “Sing loudly and proudly, sister!” Nothing else was needed. Nothing else could stop the audience from singing and screaming and crying. It’s almost like What’s the show, the most ambitious thing a pop star has ever done, Taylor Swift: Tour for the Ages It’s like nothing else I’ve seen in cinema.

Taylor Swift has made many concert films, each one different from the other: talk now These are the ones with the matte covers, red Which contains the best behind the scenes scenes. Eras is a complete immersion in a three-hour show that carries with it all the sheer weight of stadium emotion (Here are the rooms and dates for October and November Where it will be possible to see Italy, Mr. Dr.). It’s a movie you can watch in the cinema without waiting for broadcast. For group venting to work properly, it must be viewed with other people, in the darkness of the room. It’s the film Swift’s repertoire deserves. during the one, when she sings “You know the best movies are never made,” someone in the cinema: “Until today!”. right.

Taylor Swift announced the film’s existence a few weeks ago, setting the premiere date for October 13 (when else?) and in the US, other films are scheduled to be released this weekend, such as The exorcist – the believer, was moved, which is proven proof that even Satan is afraid of Taylor. Watching a movie surrounded by bloodthirsty Swifties is a unique experience. There are no intros, introductions or ceremonies, we start right away with the countdown to the start of the show. The concert was a real media frenzy, so everyone knows it by heart, even those who did not watch it live, but only through fan videos. “She’s a bad, bad girl!” is the first thing the audience sings. The first bridge is a bridge Harsh summer. The first little speech from the stage that everyone repeats by heart is “You make me feel so powerful… You make me feel so. You make me feel so.” Even though“.

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The screening in the film took place in Los Angeles, in late summer, when the tour had already conquered half of America. There are 2 hours and 45 minutes of performance, half an hour less than the real show, minus the costume changes, stage chatter, and applause. Director Sam Wrench is a veteran of concert films, having seen Billie Eilish, Lizzo, Brandi Carlile, BTS, and even Christmas specials. It’s never huge, and it doesn’t overpower the music. The show appears on screen, has more space for musicians and dancers, and details Taylor’s outfits such as Louboutin shoes during the clip red.

The important point in the tour and in the film is the part dedicated to it forever, which ranks second or third on Swift’s album chart, but is overrated in this context. The most daring moment is Willowwith Taylor’s goth outfit, a flurry of black capes, and light-up Halloween-like pumpkins (here’s a scene that fits perfectlyExorcist). Then Steve Reich/Terry Riley electronics Marjoriewith a recording of the grandmother singing the opera (it is unfortunate that in the film we do not hear the singer say a few words about Marjorie, as in the concert) and dinner Bear itWhich has another effect when you see close-ups of faces. It’s a good idea to cut off almost all of the applause that follows a performance on a musky piano Champagne problems: It’s a sincere declaration of affection from fans, but who needs eight minutes of Los Angeles trying to get a pop star’s attention?

The sequence is intended for folklore It is no less. These are songs that were conceived and listened to for the first time during quarantine and with this gradually create their beautiful effect, especially the elegiac ones My tears bounced back Which becomes a kind of seance when Taylor sings “I’m still talking to you when I scream at the sky” and actually screams at the sky (someone behind me shouted: “Tell him, Taylor!”). However, the loudest howls were heard at a bridge Illicit affairs“, as Taylor got down on one knee and said: “Don’t call me baby! Don’t call me baby!”

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At some point during each tour stop, Swift performed two surprise acoustic songs. The film was well chosen: Our song on acoustic guitar, from the overlooked first album (another smart move: Today’s Taylor isn’t trying to imitate yesterday’s fake Southern high school twang), and You’re on your own, kid At the piano, that is, the adult Taylor who thinks sympathetically of the teenage Taylor, always nervous and preoccupied, the desperate little girl she was and who knew she was somehow destined to survive. It’s a dialogue that spans 17 years of life, but you also feel that both she and Taylor are the same difficult but real women.

The part designated for midnight It’s the movie’s grand finale, even if some of the songs sound different today than they did a few weeks ago. I mean, half of these text messages now look like messages sent to Joe Jonas’ legal team. And there’s a surprise in the credits, Long life from Taylor version to talk now. I didn’t see a single person get up and leave during the closing credits. As soon as the lights came on, the girls in the front shouted, “Don’t leave!” See what he comes back and does Haunted! Not tonight, unfortunately, but who knows, maybe he’ll add a surprise bonus for next weekend.

In recent weeks we all have pictures of Stop making SensAnd thanks to the re-release of Jonathan Demme’s film about Talking Heads. It is considered by almost everyone to be the greatest musical ever made. Tour of the ages Remember that they both tell a show without falling into the trap of acting it out as a simulation or as a substitute for the real show. That’s the point. Both avoid the manipulative clichés that these types of films fall into: no fan interviews, no behind-the-scenes drama, no voice-overs, just an evening of music in which everyone is a star. And in a way, Stop thinking that it Tour of the agesOne could say so Miss America And the A mentally ill killer by Taylor, fascinated His dance with a lamp this must be the Place and “Los Angeles, do you want to go back to high school with me?” His book, “Who Has the Light?” This is the level of excellence to which the film aspires. in Taylor Swift: Tour for the Ages One of the greatest live performers of all time is aiming higher than ever. Sorry, devil :pYou’re on your own, boy.

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