ADUC – Article – The war in Ukraine is changing the world flag

ADUC – Article – The war in Ukraine is changing the world flag
Many research infrastructures were damaged in the very early stages of the Russian invasion, e About a quarter of the 100,000 Ukrainian researchers have fled abroad. In Russia, cooperation with European and American scientists waned more and more, and sanctions on the movement of goods put many laboratories in difficulties. The Russian government encourages its researchers to build new partnerships with it China, India and South AfricaThese are countries that have not explicitly prohibited official relations with Russian institutions. Meanwhile, young Russian researchers are leaving the country.

The sectors where severing ties with Russia could cause the most damage are those in High energy physics and astrophysics, two areas in which Russia is a real world power, in terms of skills and investments.
Scientific cooperation continued undisturbed except on board International Space Station.

Even climate research from the North Pole At stake: the arctic semicircle is located on the Russian territory and even if some phenomena associated with climate change, to which the region is considered, can be observed from the satellite, it is necessary to confirm the observations with the data collected on the ground. Russian researchers may soon stop sharing this data with the rest of the international scientific community.
In the foreground energyWar can, in the long run, accelerate the transition to renewable sources, but at the same time it undermines the international cooperation necessary to achieve the goals of the Paris Agreement.

Impact of the war on Food Safety It has been emphasized by UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres, but the need to reshape supply chains in this sector could lead to an acceleration of research, for example, on the more efficient use of fertilizers. [Nature]Follow Favorite

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