Iridania at the Genoa Science Festival

Iridania at the Genoa Science Festival

Milan, October 29. (Iskan News) – Iridania participates in the Genoa Science Festival, which continues until November 5 in the City of Lanterns. Within the framework of the festival that annually brings together thousands of students and enthusiasts, the sugar company controlled by the French Cristal Federation presents an educational activity about the world of sweetening entitled “Zucchero & Co – The Fingerprint of Sweetness”: a journey through nutritional elements, with special attention to sugar in all its forms, to understand its origins. Its characteristics and dispelling its false myths. The activity takes place inside the exhibition area in Piazza delle Feste, run by the Oxygen Cooperative.

Various interactive activities are planned: between flashcards, physics experiments, and reconstructions of the processes by which beets and cane are transformed into the sugar we find on our tables, children, students and enthusiasts of all ages will be able to discover sugar, the stories and curiosity that characterizes it and learn how to include it in the system. The correct diet. In fact, one of the main goals of the initiative is to learn how to distinguish between “false myths” and reliable news, so as to understand what is the best way to choose the most balanced and balanced diet, but without giving up a hint of sweetness. “We are happy and proud to participate in the Science Festival, an exceptional and pioneering event in Genoa, the city where Iridania was born more than 120 years ago – declared Alessio Bruschetta, CEO of Iridania Italia – the commitment we make, as a company, to work in the field of responsible nutrition. It also starts from our closeness to consumers: the activity we bring to the Science Festival allows us to raise awareness among a diverse audience of all ages through the process of scientific dissemination that gives an organized idea the basis of consumption choices Consumers are becoming increasingly interested and looking for more information about the product to be purchased “And even more so if it ends up on their desks. Therefore, it is necessary to inform them appropriately, accompany them and help them distinguish between fake news and real and reliable news.”
For the third year in a row, Iredania has renewed its information and educational activity within primary schools through the “A Scuola di Dolcezza” programme. The project was created to spread a culture of health and well-being through play and to help children realize the importance of correct nutrition, referring to balanced and responsible consumption of carbohydrates and sugar.

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