Science City, Ferraris takes second place with delicious healthy biscuits Science City, Ferraris takes second place with delicious healthy biscuits

Science City, Ferraris takes second place with delicious healthy biscuits Science City, Ferraris takes second place with delicious healthy biscuits

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– “Flavors of the future: from tradition to sustainable innovation”, this is the theme of the competition promoted by the USSR Campania, as part of the “3 Days of School”, held on the morning of Thursday 16 November in the Citta della Senza. The goal of the challenge was to create the most innovative and sustainable dessert made using the typical products of its lands. Fourteen hotel institutes enthusiastically accepted the invitation to participate, coming from all over the Campania region and who wanted to participate by competing with delicacies and identifying flavours, but only three of them were awarded.

Ferraris of Caserta took second place, presenting “delicious healthy biscuits” based on typical products of the Caserta region, such as “Riccia di Talanico” hazelnut flour, Teano chickpea flour, EVO oil from the Aurunche PDO lands and PGI Anorca apple. Real treasures that when mixed together gave life to delicious dishes. The presentation took place in the Newton Hall, one of the largest rooms of the Città della Scienza, which witnessed the participation of important figures from the world of the school such as the Chancellor of Schools, Social and Youth Policies of the Campania Region Lucia Fortini and the Director General Director of the USSR Campania Ettore Acerra. More than eight hundred students and teachers were present in the room. The Ferraris students, although excited to speak before such a prestigious and diverse audience, were adept at serving up cookies, cheering them on as if they were a trophy themselves. They described the nutritional values, health aspect, and ingredients, particularly highlighting the products used and talking about the attention paid to food allergies and intolerances. They are carefully designed and prepared by Chef Professor Antonio Papale and his students without neglecting the obviously sensory and emotional aspect: aroma, taste and softness. “Congratulations on the idea, design and implementation. “It is a product that combines heart, mind and technical ability,” these are the words with which General Manager Ettore Acera rewarded the Ferrari students. Ferrari’s sporting director, Professor Antonetta Tarantino, welcomed the news of the win with joy: “We are very happy with the result achieved, the result of important teamwork, and we hope that such opportunities will always be an incentive for us.” Children should follow their passion with determination.”

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This is the recipe from Chef Antonio Papale. Biscuits with chickpea flour, hazelnuts and Milanorca PGI – Biscuits made with chickpea flour and hazelnuts are “harmful to health”. They are prepared by mixing them with extra virgin olive oil instead of butter and using rice milk and are therefore lactose-free. Adding cinnamon flavor gives the biscuits a delicious flavor and gives them a scent that fills the whole house. Prepared using only chickpea flour and hazelnuts, you can get delicious biscuits for celiac patients. There are no eggs and therefore it is also suitable for vegetarians or those who are intolerant to eggs. Stevia has replaced granulated sugar so the cookies are lower in sugar. Ingredients for about 30 biscuits:
200 grams of Tiano chickpea flour 80 grams of Tiano hazelnut flour 100 ml of Kayazo extra virgin olive oil 100 ml of rice milk 60 grams of chopped hazelnuts 35 grams of Stevia 250 grams of Milanorca Igp 3 grams of ground cinnamon 1 grated orange 16 grams of baking powder.
Finishing ingredients: sliced ​​almonds and powdered sugar.
In a bowl or planetary mixer, add the flour and stevia, then all the other ingredients and finally the sifted yeast. Knead and work at low speed until mixture is smooth. Make biscuits with greased hands (form balls and crush them a little) until the mixture becomes sticky, then place the almond slices on the surface. At this point, place the biscuits on a baking tray lined with baking paper and cook them at 170 degrees for about 12 minutes. Leave to cool and serve with powdered sugar.

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