Long live TUTTOREGGINA! Irvolino Cup, a victory and a knockout for Regina

Long live TUTTOREGGINA!  Irvolino Cup, a victory and a knockout for Regina


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During! Regina lose 1-0 in the presence of Salernitana, Kristofferson’s goal decides. Montalto missed a penalty kick in the 27th minute.

45′ – Good control of Agostinelli to the maximum, the player owned by Fiorentina concentrates and wraps up, the ball over the bar.

Starting Monday, new baits will arrive: the various Majer, Santander, and Gori variants will be formalized. Then we’ll work on another bait in the middle and then a space to prepare for Di Chiara, the perfect completion of the mosaic. Naturally, wait for several versions.

The last minutes of the mini-match, Regina is looking for an equal goal that will allow her to win the cup. With this result, Adana will win.

38 ‘ A big closure will take place in the center of the area, a decisive slip for the Croatian player on Valencia, ready to hit the net with a sure shot.

35 ‘ – The canoe runs to the right again, and passes from behind, but in the center of the area there is no one to put his claw. Good pointers from former Chievo and Frosinone, who will be a key component of Inzaghi’s team.

33 ‘ Big show for a Colombian when Quichrida turns with a safe shot from two meters away.

32 ‘ – Substitution in Regina, Di Stefano outside Lyautey on the field.

Regina misses penalty! Montalto misses the penalty kick, Fiorello’s brilliant intuition. Shifting in the middle of the rise, we stay at 1-0.

27′ Penalty kick for Regina, foul on Lyautey, who was relegated by Motok after developing a low serve from Kanuto’s right. Beautiful work by Amaranth.

26 ‘ – A nice ball from the right side towards the opposite side of Agustinelli, who mishandled control and closed in a corner kick. Corner then to no avail.

About 2,500 Arechi attend the Iervolino Cup. These are clearly the consistent fans of both teams.

Cooling break is decided by the referee. Despite the evening time, it is very hot in Arechi.

21′ Situm definitely puts in a lot of effort and delivers some balls to his teammates.

The unit that does not change, Situm is deployed to the left in the defensive line.

17′ – Outside Giraudo and inside Situm, outside Lombardi and Crisetig, inside Gavioli and Ejjaki.

15th ‘ – Some changes in the house of marigolds are coming, Gavioli, Situm and Ejjaki are coming soon. The second mini-game in which it was noted however how a new and experimental team was deployed.

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A surprised defense from firing toward the host player, Kristofferson jumps on Dotto and then overtakes a Colombian on the exit, making the mark.

9′ – Salernitana goal! Kristofferson scores the bomb advantage goal, 1-0

8′ – Cionek turns his head on a plush corner, a small ball at the bottom

6′ The tunes aren’t too loud in these first minutes of the mini-game, but Regina is trying to make the game.

3′ – Two-step boat collecting kicks the ball into the goal, blocking Fiorello, who is also the former Regina.

Loiacono right-back on the right, Agostinelli off top left, Monta, to the central reference

21.56 hours – At Salernitana Road, Regina, the first shot by Inzaghi’s team.

21.54 hours – Here in Piazza Salernitana and Regina. Inzaghi’s team will play in an all-white uniform, Salernitana in a yellow suit.

21.50 hours – Compared to the first mini-match, the various confirmations by Giroudo, Lombardy, Cristigue and Leuti within Colombia; Loiacono, Cionek, Dutu, Canotto, Montalto, and Agostinelli. Ejjaki, Gavioli, Situm, Provazza, Di Stefano and Lollo can take over during the mini-match.

Regina squad vs Salernitana – (4-3-3) – pigeons; Loiacono, Cionek, Dutu, Giraudo; Lombardi, Krezitej, Lyautey; Composite, Montalto, Agustinelli. On the bench: Ravaglia, Lagoonegro, Pierozzi, Galgiolo, Camborese, Menez, Ricci, Chicherelli, Ijaki, Gavioli, Setum, Provazza, Di Stefano, Lulu. Coach: Inzaghi.

21.34 hours – After the match Salernitana and Adana 3-1 for the Turks. Regina must beat Salernitana to win the Cup.

Salernitana – Adana 1-3 (2′ Oneyekuru, 5′ Asombalonga, 18′ Belhanda, 36′ Bonazzoli) the last

8.41 pm On Salernitana-Adana Road. grenade in the field with eleven include: sep; Motok, Fazio, Perola, Bulatam; Coulibaly L., Bohinen, Caffeon; Botheium, Bonazzoli, Jaroszynski. Available: Fiorillo, Veseli, Mantovani, Kerchida, Capezzi, Sy, Ribery, Valencia, Kristofffersen, D’Andrea, Vergani. Coach; Nicola.

During! Regina beat Adana 1-0 in the first small match of the Ervolino Cup. Amaranth will face Salernitana starting at 21.30. 20:30 in the fields of Salernitana and Adana.

44 ‘ Balotelli is close to equality! Giraudo gets the ball stolen from the trocar, a ball on the spot for the former striker of the national team who goes to the first serve, the ball just over the crossbar.

42 ‘ – Adana close to par with a blow from the edge of Dorson, the ball is deflected by a defender in the corner.

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38 ‘ – A beautiful intersection of Lombardy from the right towards the center, Liotti not only arrives at the appointment with the grid.

37 ‘ – Another initiative of the duo Cicerelli-Giraudo, then the work fades.

35 ‘ – Cicirelli directly on the ball, Ricci only serves the limit, left before the former Monza, the ball at Curva. But the 1994 class is showing signs of growth.

Richie moves really well, which can come as a surprise to Regina from Inzaghi.

30′ – Regina is now playing the game and testing the plots of the game.

26 ‘ – End of Cortolan, who dribbles goalkeeper Gagliolo off the net. Various changes in Adana, the numbers that have been handed to us are off stage.

24′ – Cristigue’s beautiful ball in the depth for Menez, who can go one-on-one with the Adana defender, the French Sensicia a lot and lose the possibility of a shot, then sends behind Lombardi, which was expected.

21Balotelli touches the super goal! Directly around Inter and our former Milna, a ball far from the post to the left of Ravaglia.

Complicated client of Pierozzi on the right, the player owned by Fiorentina must think about the containment phase.

Definitely good indicators for Inzaghi after 20 minutes, despite a largely experimental team.

15′ – Jules Regina!!!! Lyautey holds an amaranth! Great ball from Cicerelli and winning the previous entry Cosenza, 1-0 for plush!

Adana is definitely on its way to preparing. Montella’s team was in Italy a few days ago, a few days ago they drew 2-2 against Napoli.

13′ Balotelli’s shot from the edge, easy Plecka Rafalea.

12′ – Regina’s Chance! A cross from the left of Gerudo, Menez’s deviation from a few meters, the goalkeeper saves the score.

10′ – Cross the Regina! Lombardi cross from the right towards the far post, Lyautey tries to deviate under the measure and the ball dances on the crossbar, then blocks the Turkish goalkeeper.

Fans of Reggina and Salernitana sing together, and the historical twinning is renewed.

Adana which includes some players at the international level: in addition to Balotelli and Enler, in the defense there is the Ukrainian Rakitsky, the former Shakhtar Donetsk

5′ – Kafrazli’s right shot from the edge, the ball is over the bar.

4′ – Now push Adana with 23 Kurtulan that opens for Balotelli, locked in a corner by Gaglio.o

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1 ‘ – A first corner in favor of Regina, crossed by Giroudo from the left, at the far post does not reach the victory of Lombardi, who wastes a good opportunity.

0′ – match The first small match between Regina and Adana which lasts 45 minutes.

19.27 Teams on the field, Regina on the field in a velor shirt…dark, semi onyx, black shorts and socks. Adana in a white suit.

19.25 – A few fans in Arechi, but grenade fans are clearly waiting for the mini-game of their favorite team. A must attend delegation of Reggio enthusiasts.

19.19 hours – Reggina last minute change: outside Lollo and inside Liotti.

7.18 pm – On the sidelines you can see, among others, the general manager of Salernitana de Sanctis and the director of scouts Lo Schiavo, Calabrian Duc. Shepherd Iervolino was present.

7.15 pm – Exchange of congratulations between Filippo Inzaghi and Vincenzo Montella, two great Italian bombers from the 1990s to the 21st century.

19.05 – Regina’s seat consists of the following players: Colombian, Lagunegro, Sionic, Luacono, Dotto, Lolo, Canuto, Ijaki, Agustinelli, Montalto, Gavioli, Setum, Profaza and Di Stefano. Absent, as well as Obi, Rivas, Aya, Fati, Lribi and Marcucci. Both Dutu and Di Stefano were present, and were not present in Lamezia.

19.00 – We remind you that the loser of the first mini-match will play against Salernitana at 20.30, and the winner of the first mini-match will face the hosts starting at 21.30.

Regina squad vs Adana – (4-3-3) – Ravaglia; Pierozzi, Camporesi, Galeolo, Giraudo; Lombardi, Krezitej, Lyautey; Ricci, Menez, Cecerelli

6.40 pm – Everything is ready in Arechi for the Iervolino Trophy. August climate, 35 degrees, pitch in excellent condition.

Good evening to all friends of TuttoReggina.com. At 7.30 pm, the Iervolino Triple Cup will begin, in which Regina Pippo Inzaghi will also participate. The Marigolds will immediately challenge the Adana Turks of Demirspor, a formation led by Vincenzo Montella, and then will challenge Salernitana led by David Nicola.

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