“Cakk…yes science!” 2023: Last date of the year

“Cakk…yes science!”  2023: Last date of the year

Last seasonal appointment with “Ciak… si Scienza!” 2023the free film review of a scientific nature promoted by the Sicilian Center for Nuclear Physics and the Structure of Matter, which was held, starting last July, in the Piazza Città della Scienza – Unict, at Via Simeto 23.

Thursday 14 September at 8.45pmThe film will be shownSalgot-7 – Company Storyby Klim Shipenko, which tells the story of the Soviet Union’s race to conquer space, and in particular the story of the seventh and final space station of the Salyut program, which was in service from 1982 to 1991.

Movie plot

The film stars Vladimir Vdovichenkov, Pavel Derevyanko, Alexander Samoilenko, Vitaly Chaev, and Oksana Fandera. Astronauts and technicians Engaged in the mission to recover a station that had suddenly stopped responding to signals sent from Earth, thus avoiding potential loss of human life and enormous damage to the image of Soviet space missions, amid cold War.

the mission, It actually happened In 1985, it was one of the most complex events in history Satellite navigation All over the world, because it seemed almost impossible to land on an out-of-control object in space. Ultimately, astronauts Vladimir Fyodorov and Viktor Alyokhin succeeded in their mission to dock the Salyut ship, which they found completely frozen, and return it to work.

Deadline 2023

With the screening of Shipenko’s film, which will be later Comment Along with the audience with the assistance of Dr. Gaetano Scandariato, INAF Researcher atCatania Astrophysical Observatorybrings to an end the 2023 edition of the successful event promoted by Csfnsm and the structure of the University Museum, which for the occasion transforms into an evocative summer square, set between ancient chimneys.

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In the Previous appointments In the calendar, many spectators were able to watch films such as “The Theory of Everything” by James Marsh, “Biography” about the life of Stephen Hawking, the famous physicist, astrophysicist and cosmologist, “Creation” by John Amell, based on and discoveries of the English naturalist Charles Darwin “The Bicentennial Man” by Chris Columbus, based on a famous novel by Isaac Asimov, “The Man Who Saw Infinity” by Matt Brown, about the story of the brilliant Indian mathematician Srinivasa Ramanujan, and “Journey to the Ends of the Earth” by Espen Sandberg, about the legendary Norwegian explorer. Roald Amundsen.

Therefore, this edition was, as emphasized by the organizer of the event, Professor Alicia Tricomi, delegate of the third mission and public engagement of the University, Director of the City of Science and Csfnsm, A long journey on the border between science and science fictionthrough cosmology, biology, robotics and mathematics, with a commitment to providing audiences with high-quality films, capable of fueling the desire for knowledge and curiosity, as demonstrated by success From this third edition of “Ciak…si Scienza”, equal or even The finest To the previous two.

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