Un Posto al Sole August 1, 2022 Predictions: Nico speech …

Un Posto al Sole August 1, 2022 Predictions: Nico speech …

Expectations for the episode Un Posto al Sole that aired August 1, 2022 on Rai 3 reveal that Jordan wants Bruni back, but doesn’t seem to be inclined towards him. Meanwhile, Poggi Senior keeps her new friend at a distance… On the other hand, Cirillo makes a surprise offer to Poggi Junior.

In the’episode From place in the sun From Monday August 1 2022And the Ornella Not satisfied with romantic gestures Raphael. while, Julia Do not give way to baby to approach it. MichaelInstead, he asks a Nico Back to Maratha. But let’s find out together what they reveal in detail progress subordinate bet who will broadcast the day after tomorrow in 20:45 on me Rai 3.

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Ornella still rejects Raffaele, in predictions for the August 1 episode

Rafael hasn’t given up yet. The man is determined to Regain Ornella’s trustseverely He was injured by discovering his betrayal. The woman, in fact, understood that now Between Giordano Senior and Elvira there was more than just friendship. Currently, Even though Bruni is trying to push him awayAnd the The concierge organizes a romantic dinner To both of them…too bad Convergence is not so simple.

Expectations are a place in the sun: Julia pushes Pep away!

Peppe and Giulia meet again in the garden. They are both there to take their dogs for a walk. Redhead, for example, in company Stella – the protagonist in the last and special episode of Un Posto al SoleAnd on the occasion of episode No. 6.000 -. The man tries to get close to her thanks to his kindness, which does not seem to have any effect: Poggi keeps pushing him away.

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Michaela pranks Nico, in the August 1 episode preview

Michaela Manuela is very disappointed. The latter learned that the twins were planning to leave Naples, to escape with a Dutch photographer who had just met. Manuela is starting to worry about Nico, especially JimmyThose who are used to it and definitely don’t deserve to see their hard-earned balances jump yet. Now, however, Michaela has a surprising proposal to the lawyer, which is to go back to Maratea together

place in the sunthe long-lived Naples series, broadcasts from Monday to Friday in 20:45 on me Rai 3.

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