March 30, 2023

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Andos in Velletri: Between science and art, on Saturday evening, October 8, the pink kicks off – Radio Studio 93

Music Filitre We are opening Pink October, the international month dedicated to breast cancer prevention. The appointment is on Saturday 8 October at the Artemisio Theater “GianMaria Volontè”. Among the guests is Dr. Laura Suchek, who will reveal the latest advances in her oncology research on OMOMYC, an inhibitor that acts on the oncogene without causing negative effects. Then a space for music with Orchestra del Paese Immobile and The Music Freaks.

Saturday, October 8, the ANDOS Velletri Committee opened Pink October, the international month dedicated to the prevention of breast cancer, with the MusicAndos event now in its fourth edition, at 20.30 at the Artemisio Theater “GianMaria Volontè”

Slightly different format compared to previous editions because it is enriched by the presence of Dr. Laura Suchic, Group Leader at VHIO (Val d’Bron Oncology Institute), who will be interviewing Sylvia Marie, Journalist at DIRE Press, and will reveal to us the latest developments in her oncology research on OMOMYC, a An inhibitor that acts on the oncogene without causing adverse effects.

During the evening we will explain all the projects dedicated to the prevention of breast cancer developed by our association and the Lazio region, mainly targeting women outside the scope of screening, ie 45-49 years.

Besides the science, embodied by Dr. Soucek, we will have the poetic musical genius of the Orchestra del Pais Immobile who will tell us in music about Indico and Callo di Maggio and also about Microbe or Moschino, plus much more.

The Music Freaks acoustic trio will launch us on an emotional journey with songs that travel from country to country, from rock to blues through the warm sound of Michela Tartaglia, accompanied by Francesco and Lorenzo.

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Presented by Tiziana Mamukari.

The version of this, dedicated to the wonderful Romina Trenta, who passed away on January 2, where we will talk about the book “Broad Arms – Notes by Romina Trenta on the Margin of Life” with authors Vladimir Martelli and Raffaella Veraco. Our way of wishing you a happy birthday which falls on the 8th of October.

Accept pre-sale with free minimum offer, c/o The Ticket and Andos Committee of Velletri 3296185208