Zarzuela offers a blank check to stop the biggest secret surrounding Felipe VI and Letizia's bed.

Zarzuela offers a blank check to stop the biggest secret surrounding Felipe VI and Letizia's bed.

the number Jaime del Burgo He has appeared on the media scene strongly in recent weeks due to his explosive statements. He has become the scourge of the monarchy through his inflammatory social media posts. The lawyer claimed that he had an extramarital affair with Leticia For several years, a detailed timeline of this alleged romance has been revealed. This intimate and compromising novel, shared by Jaime Peñafiel in his book Letizia y yo, caused a sensation in public opinion and shook the foundations of the Spanish monarchy.

But a nightmare Leticia And ownership has only just begun. According to Peñafiel, what has been revealed so far is only the tip of the iceberg. Specifically, the journalist only used 5% of the information he controlled del borgo. Now the lawyer is preparing to reveal the remaining 95% in a book to be published this year. Ex-husband of Thelma Ortiz She even started a publishing house to avoid plagiarism, leaks and pressure.

Jaime del Burgo Theology

The worst is coming for Queen Letizia

This book is from del borgo It promises to be an information bomb, as it is expected to contain many secrets and intimate details from which he knows Leticia They have not yet come to light, or a large part of them. According to the lawyer, he keeps them in a safe and even tried to find them CNI Entering to rob his house Ginebra. between them, del borgo Learn about the details of the miscarriages that her consort suffered before her engagement to Philip, the places where he and the Queen were supposed to meet, and the conversations that took place there. Leticia modest Philip VI Or she declares that she is fed up with the monarchy, or about the bed problems she encountered with the king. del borgo It will have messages in it Leticia She admits that she never slept in bed with him Chief of state And their problems are in the niche.

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Faced with the prospect of revealing more compromising details in his autobiographical book del borgoTitled “Nothing but the Truth.” Royal House He would try to defuse the situation by presenting the lawyer with a blank check. Not much to LeticiaThey were left alone in the face of danger, but because of the damage it might cause to their image Philip VI. Regardless of whether the information is true or false, the story remains.

Philip VI

Jaime del Burgo doesn't want money, just to show his true colors

This pressure regime is similar to what has been speculated Inaki Urdangarin In his divorce from Infanta Cristinawho, according to Monarquia Confidencial, demanded 2 million euros and a lifetime pension of 25,000 euros in his divorce from infanta Forgetting the memoirs he wrote in Privat Privat reflects the seriousness of the situation and the fear of new discoveries that might harm the image of the monarchy.

However, unlike From Urdangarin, del borgo He flatly refused the offer of money. His goal is not personal gain, but rather to achieve justice and reveal the truth in his book. The reasons that prompted him to take this “revenge” are unknown. But this gesture reflects his determination not to be intimidated and his commitment to transparency and honesty in his disclosures.

Despite attempts Royal House To contain the situation, a book appears del borgo It will see the light of day sometime this year. His determination to share his side of the story and refusal to remain silent suggests that he is determined to publish the secrets he claims to know, regardless of the consequences for the monarchy and the Queen. Leticia.

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