King Charles, have you seen how beautiful he is at twenty years old? Other than William and Harry

King Charles, have you seen how beautiful he is at twenty years old?  Other than William and Harry

King Charles in his youth was handsome and charming, much more so than his two sons, William and Harry. Have you ever seen him at the age of twenty? You will be shocked.

Carlo’s reply –

May the Lord protect the king After nearly 70 years of the reign of Queen Elizabeth II. today King Charles III He is the new English Governor and he intends to make his mark before that William To take it up with his wife Kate.

We all know him for many years, amid the betrayal scandal against him Mrs. Diana With Camila until her happy marriage. She protects and teaches her children by following her mother’s directions, and does everything to make them happy in a world of rules and protocol. At the same time, people have always painted him as a man too fragile to be a king and take the reins at hand with beauty in mind. The work done by the mother.

Have you ever seen How beautiful he was at twenty? It is impossible to resist his charm that has nothing to do with the charm of his children.

Carlo with Harry and William
Carlo with Harry and William-

Coronation of King Charles III

it was there Ten days of national mourning and seven others to the family after the death of Queen Elizabeth II. A moment of strong emotions all over the world, after the sovereign has managed to rule very well for 70 years without losing sight of her purpose.

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And while everyone thought it would be William A take the king’s placeHis father Carlo finds himself ruling a country after a very long preparation. Carlo was born to be a king, even if no one ever believed in him.

L ‘Former Prince of Wales It looks like he’ll have to wait a year for his official coronation, and experts say he wants to take some time and do things right. At the age of 74, he wishes to leave an imprint, albeit brief, before passing the crown to his son William.

King Charles III with Camilla
King Charles III with

Experts always think so Carlo is waiting for the 2nd of June For the solemn coronation and honoring of the mother and to continue the royal tradition. If all goes according to plan, Charles’ special event will be broadcast in the spring on international networks: an important sign to show that despite the sheer modernity of these times, the monarchy is still An institution to be respected.

Charles of England as a Young Man: Charming and Handsome

Before Charles became king, he was just a prince and one of the most wanted boys of today. We are used to seeing William and Harry Like beautiful and beautiful princes, but a few years ago their father Carlo was much more than them.

When he was a child he was carefree and affectionateHe always played with Anna and then with his younger siblings. He imitated his father Filippo (he was also a beautiful man when he was young) and loved acting.

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adolescence passes Develop all his hobbies and passions, like polo, until the day he met Diana and all the women succumbed to that fate. In fact, 74 years of Carlo’s life have passed waiting to someday take the crown and try to be credible for all to see. Today we see him as a willing king who is in love with Camilla, but before he just becomes a handsome guy for a while A prince loved by all women.

Carlo as a young man
Carlo da Giovanni

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