“Manuel remains the one who cannot fall”

“Manuel remains the one who cannot fall”

Storm on the Romagna Actor: Web Requests Immediate Disqualification.

new storm a house subordinate Big Brother VIP. Alex Bailey, speaking with Sulley Sorge and David Sylvetri indulged in a particularly sad phrase addressed to Manuel Portozzo. The reaction of the web that requests it is immediate Immediate disqualification of Alex Bailey.

The actor from Romania was poolside with Sully and Davide The three would tell jokes and laugh at a musical with a song they wrote andeliminate it “One by one they fall” . Assuming the sitcom, the worries She indicated David Also the last time he should have fallen was thrown out but right after that, Alex Laughing he said: “Manu remains the last because he cannot fall.” Verdict judged by many users Unacceptable which of them Clear should be excluded as Laugh at Manuel Portuzzo’s handicap.

It is also Work crew The swimmer from Trieste Request for action on Manuel’s official Instagram account: “Here we go further…we are deeply disappointed and hope that GF will take serious action on this situation. Staff”

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