The gang leader attacks the healer

The gang leader attacks the healer

“It is not a matter of state.” So is the Minister of Infrastructure Matthew Salvini Back to farewell opinion to Fabio Fazio (And Luciana Letizito), who is getting married on the channel after a full career in state television nineWith the Warner Bros. group. Discovery.

Salvini hit Fazio

The Secretary of the League answered questions from journalists regarding the Fazio case in Florence. These are his statements reported by Adnkronos.

“I have a lot of construction sites to work on The last thing I care about Is it the TV schedules “, said Salvini, after yesterday Customize a Tweet Farewell to Fazio and Letizito for Ray.

“there freedom of choice From a free conductor who freely accepted an offer, which I hope is a big one for him, from a private television station. We are in a democracy, best wishes and good work.”

I think Ray – he added – as well as the whole country can count on so many women and so many equally intelligent men without making one of them state issue“.

Controversy over Salvini’s tweet

Domenica Salvini commented with a sarcastic telegram Tweets Fabio Fazio and Luciana Letizito release from Ray: “Billy Chao”. A comment that the opposition did not like at all.

Salvini’s words were criticized by many, such as Senator BD Simona Malpezi: “There is no denying: what class, what style… Salvini never misses an opportunity to get to know him.”

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like Daniel Rufino of the work, which states that Salvini’s exhilaration shows that “Rai is the land of conquest, owned by the parties and the government majority. Political “gentlemen” are not interested in issues such as software quality or advertising revenue.

Or the leader of the Italian left Nicola FratoianniWho attacks the deputy prime minister quoting the words Umberto Eco: “Social networks have given The right to talk to hordes of fools. There are times when one can only agree with Umberto Eco. But the most serious problem is that it happens that even deputy prime ministers do this … “

Salvini also replies to Fiorello on the bridge over the strait

Salvini also responded Fiorello it while reviewing Rai2 live On Thursday, May 11, he mocked Bridge over the strait: “Matteo swears that if the bridge is really ready in nine years, I will do what I do Paolantoni for scudetto NaplesHe. She I will pass nakedfrom Messina to Reggio Calabria, with only a bowl ahead of us.”

Maybe not naked, but certainly in a costume, get readyThe Northern League minister replied.

This isn’t the first time Fiorello has poked fun at it and showed it off doubt On Great Work, Right Backbone: “Before the bridge was built Let’s make Sicilian roadsLet’s make a double track railway. That the Paris-Dakar motorcyclists go to train for Catania Palermo.”

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