“You made Italy worse. He was an exemplary count in politics, he spoke but was not understood” – Corriere.it

“You made Italy worse.  He was an exemplary count in politics, he spoke but was not understood” – Corriere.it

It was expected. He has been missing from the small screen for nine years. His return to television is a show Beppe Grillo show. Guest from Fabio Fazio to what’s the weather like The five-star guarantee dominates the scene, mixing songs from his set, especially from his latest show I’m the worstJokes about the heroes of the political scene. In fact, Grillo takes half an hour before poring over the movement’s well-known and lesser-known faces. At the beginning, the founder of the Five Star Movement attacks a great former friend: “Gigino is the volume I am talking about Di MaioHe was the most willing politician but we did not think he would engage in the power of organizing people. He and I chose Conte. I’ve looked at programs, ideas, it doesn’t matter if it’s on the right or on the left, if the idea is good. But then he stabbed us…

Then he joked about the current star leader, Giuseppe Conte: “When I chose him, he was not a member of the movement. He is a handsome man, a graduate, he speaks English, and then he spoke and understood very little… ideal for politics… but he improved.” Then he admits: “There was a big fight at the beginning.” There is also criticism against Meloni’s CEO. “This government “It’s a sticker. The more you spit on it, the more it sticks. You have to stay put and when it dries it comes off on its own,” Grillo says. “The social fabric is disintegrating,” and the government is “trying to do what it can.”

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The founder of the Five Star Movement defends the movement’s historic battles from the citizen’s income to the super premium. «The super construction bonus was also an idea, with Draghi, the agreements were that it should last for at least 5 years, the same as the citizen’s income, after which it should be reduced. Instead, stop them.” But the politics are fringe. The toughest trend is in the private sector. In fact, Grillo mentions it in his speech. Giulia Bongiorno, a senator for the League and the lawyer of the girl who accused Grillo’s son, Ciro, of sexual assault. “She is a lawyer, chair of the Justice Committee, she is a senator for the League, she organizes rallies in front of the courts – says the founder of the Five Star Movement – where there is a case behind closed doors… This is not appropriate. So everything gets mixed up.” But before Grillo can go any further, Fabio Fazio stops him.

However, the Five Star Movement guarantor’s bid began with other hopes. “This is a bell. If I go out of tune, call me,” he said as he entered the TV studio. But then Grillo happened River in floodQuoting stories that already exist in the latest offerings. And tell jokes. The only constant he repeats several times is what sounds like a joke, but represents a (perhaps) crucial choice between entertainment and politics. “I cannot lead a political movement or bring it to a successful outcome. I have withdrawn to see what happens.”“, he says several times.

Only in the world of media and television does the founder have an equal number of (often overlooked) jokes. Between seriousness and sarcasm, Grillo recalls: “I founded the movement but joined the Democratic Party of Arzachena.” He addresses: “I am here to understand if you are the worst. Yes, I am the worst. You’ve made this country worse, no joke. Last interview with Vespa I lost the election, everyone you sent… are in the government, I fought the whole world and now I go to the bar and you make me pay for the coffee». And again: “Bruno Vespa has written a book From Mussolini to Beppe Grillo But do you realize? “When I see one of his books at a service station, I cover it with a Casalino book, wow!” Years have passed Tsunami tourFor M5S Grillo amplifier: He himself explains that he has at least four lives. The latest is a new page, increasingly far from the lights of buildings.

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