Edoardo Tavassi and his fears – Big Brother VIP

Edoardo Tavassi and his fears – Big Brother VIP

After discussion with MikulAnd the Tavasi He vents his tension with some friends in Cortelito. Albert And the YaelWith NicoleTry to make the important person think by questioning the statements he made and those made by Mikul.

The contestant has repeatedly indicated that she does not think badly of Tavasi and that a single bungled phrase or joke cannot harm her image, nor all that good that constitutes her.

However, the VIP cannot get over this event, which causes him to joke about her femininity and this negative reaction scares him. Out of the game may be read incorrectly.

Alberto and Nicole explain that Micol only expressed her insecurities, but Tavasi points out that sometimes, a significant other does some wrong things: “It’s a little childish.”.

However, Gaël maintains that for Tavasi the problem is not irony, but Mikol’s supposed childishness: “The joke has some truth to it, before you say there are things you really think.”

A little later, in the kitchen, Tavasi continues his conversation with him Milena, explaining to the dignitaries not only her reasons, but also her fears. In the past, it has already happened that a person did not understand his cynicism, denigrating him.

His fear is to see such an action again in Mikul, someone he really admires and is really fond of. Melina, as well as the other contestants who try out before, explain to the contestant that this is actually not Micol’s intention.

“If you go back to bantering with her, she will be the same as before.” says the actress, but Tavasi is afraid that the influencer will be angry again because of another prank. Milena does not give up and explains that anger, even sudden, is normal. This is not what affects the relationship.

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“If you tell her you’re not joking anymore, she quits too and it’s over.” says the actress. The VIP seems to be thinking about these words, thinking about what to do.

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