Ford Code: Revealing a trick to access confidential car information | Everyone wants to try it

Ford Code: Revealing a trick to access confidential car information |  Everyone wants to try it

Revelation from Ford’s point of view: It seems that a trick has emerged to be able to consult some “secret” data related to cars. The so-called Ford Code which is talked about a lot these days. But, what’s up?

Ford code: A topic that has been circulating the web for some time now, so much so that it has gone viral. But what does it refer to? This is the situation trick He revealed that he would do so open from information Confidentiality related Cars. But which ones?

A (secret) code used to access the gods menu (Specifically, they are referred to as secrets) from Ford. A relatively easy process that leads to a set of Hidden information Subordinate Square For some company vehicles.

Often, technology experts, and not only them, try to do some of these things the changes Their own the cars: Like those who add a cruise control to their car, or swap out the instrument cluster. There are those who chase the gods Symbols.

As in this case, access to the menus related to the dashboard of some specific Fords has been opened, which could also be valid for other models of the same manufacturer. But cWhat do these codes do?

Ford codes, what came out?

In an elaborate path, whether specialists or not, it seems that can be followed to reach a secret screen, a Some type of serial number Which reveals valuable and important information. How do you find this data? Apparently, for some Ford models, you just need to operate the menus on the steering wheel.

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Click on the classic Yes, When you start the engine, writing appears to appear on the dashboard at In green. This isn’t a reference to an alien in the movie: it’s a start Procedure Which leads to moving the control options lever on the steering wheel to open some of them New screens.


Ford, internal symbols and indicators

This system has been studied on Maverick models, which seems to work, and finds application with little use knowledge: There are those who use it to access information that can be corrected, such as that found on Calculation Subordinate consumption For example.

It seems that valuable data will appear on items such as coolant temperature and engine revs, as well as a whole series of other indicators that may be of interest Exam to Checks Subordinate trolley. Indications that may seem difficult to find, but experts consider available instead. but stronghold What do you think about this, and assuming everything is reliable, is it legal or not?

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