Zelig, the (sweetheart) comedian ended badly: a violent punch in the face | Serious facts

Zelig, the (sweetheart) comedian ended badly: a violent punch in the face |  Serious facts
Zelig, Vanessa Incontrada and Claudio Bisio – solospettacolo.it (web resource)

Zelig’s comedian ends up in court after a serious street brawl: the incident could have cost him his life.

Comedy cabaret “Zelig” has always been synonymous with it Cheerfulness, lightness and fun; After all, the popular Mediaset program has delighted Italian audiences for decades and introduced many newcomers to the world of entertainment.

One of them, famous now, but a fugitive from the small screen for years, is back from a An exciting cycle of violence. He is Capitoline Gabriele Pellegrini in Art hazelnutwinner of the Massimo Troisi Award near his first appearance at the Claudio Bisio show.

In 2019, Dado’s daughter, who was underage at the time, was in a problematic relationship, the comedian recounted in a blog:In the days when they were separated, he would receive messages on social media and in chats: Threats and insults“.

My daughter was treated like a woman in the street”, the actor reported.Once I came across A hole in the tireAlice wears split sunglasses in the schoolyard. The insults that were also directed at her on social networks were really cruel, vulgarAnd that’s not all: the daughter’s ex-boyfriend was even going to physically attack him …

Dado and Zelig’s parallel harsh reality

Despite Zelig’s smile and good-natured sense of humor displayed on stage, the comedian would have suffered even from a violent street ambush. “He tried to hit me with his car and punched me in the facebut his lawyers did their best to prove that I made it all up. I have received 3 complaints from his lawyer for defamation“.

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Determined to hold his daughter’s ex-boyfriend accountable, Dado will in turn sue the perpetrator and his family for defamation. In recent days, Gabriele Pellegrini attended a court hearing against the boy’s father, accused of defaming him through dozens of fake social media accounts, with about 300 leaflets and 500 letters containing threats and insults. The next session, scheduled for June 7, will try to give more clarity to the controversial issue, but in the meantime, Dado has paid the price for a media scandal by Unofficial banishment from the cabaret world.

Zelig, dado - solospettacolo.it
Zelig, Dado – solospettacolo.it (web resource)

Dado’s confession: “I don’t work anymore”

It was alleged that the comedian revealed to the judges the heavy mental and professional backlash resulting from the traumatic event.

Because of this incident, I no longer work. It was the biggest mental destabilization of my job‘, ‘Fan Page’ reports.Since then, I’ve also stopped my formatting. I feared for myself and my daughter, who paid so much to be close to this family. My daughter, who was 14 at the time, was no longer calm, because this person had caused her unrest, and she had such violent situations that it destabilized her.“.

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