Emma Marron, the disease that leaves no way out of her life: “two months old”

Emma Marron, the disease that leaves no way out of her life: “two months old”
Emma Maron’s disease – Lineadiretta24.it

The Apulian cantata reveals the terrible experience that marked her so deeply. The doctors’ response was appalling.

It was 2009 when Emma Maroney took her first steps in the world of entertainment. In that period, in fact, she participated in one of the most successful talent shows on Italian television, Amici, from which she emerged as the winner.

The ninth version, which is really memorable because there were many students who came out of the show and managed to achieve some success, both in the field of dancing and in the field of singing. From this experience anyway His career certainly took off.

Emma Maron’s disease

In recent years, she has won the hearts of millions of Italians thanks to her charisma and talent. Talent it It led her to reach goals she could never have dreamed of. Even as a former student, she became a judge on the fourteenth edition of X Factor, along with Mika, Manuel Agnelli and Hell Raton.

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Emma Maron’s disease – Lineadiretta24.it

Despite these wonderful years spent in the world of music and entertainment, Maroun never forgot the bad experience she had at the age of 24. In fact, even before participating in Amici and becoming famous, doctors told her news that would change her life forever.

He was diagnosed in 2008 a tumor in the uterus;. The news shocked her and threw her into darkness. Not only that, before undergoing surgery to remove the tumor, the doctors told her that if the surgery did not go well, she would only have two months left to live.

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According to the singer herself, if the surgery failed, before going under the knife, she signed the organ donation papers, without the knowledge of her parents and family. Dramatic storywhich few know, above all because it happened before he reached fame.

However, Amiichi’s former student never stopped smiling and having that grin that characterized her all these years, which is the same thing that fans have learned to appreciate and love. But Emma remembers that day well: “The day after surgery I was already a different person, I felt like I had won. I got out of bed and took the catheter myself… I knew I was cured. I broke down I just got out of the hospital on crutches. But I came out as a winner…”.

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