Will Harry and Meghan return to London? Sensational Background: “I’m Not Safe in California”

Will Harry and Meghan return to London?  Sensational Background: “I’m Not Safe in California”

The Dukes of Sussex are concerned for their safety after their California home received several hacking attempts over the past year

I can’t sleep in peace Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. It seems difficult for the Dukes of Sussex to enjoy life, even though they live in a dream house. The two live in a dream villa in Montecito, California. The luxury mansion is worth $14.6 million and is located near the villas of Oprah Winfrey, Ariana Grande and Brad Pitt.

But in recent months, the opulent mansion has turned into a nightmare place for the couple. Between May and June, there were two attempts to infiltrate the villa’s garden by strangers, as reported by Santa Barbara police records.

A particularly unfortunate episode occurred on their wedding anniversary, May 19. On that occasion, the police had to storm the house due to the sound of the alarm that terrified Harry and Meghan, who were at home with their children. Archie and Lillbett Diana.

A turbulent summer for Harry and Meghan

Harry and Meghan can’t let their guard down for a minute about the safety of their home. Last June, while they were traveling to the United States after attending the Queen’s jubilee celebrations in London, two attempted break-ins occurred.

As it emerged from Santa Barbara police investigations, both interventions were linked to intruders and there was talk of potential property crimes. The episodes add to the long list of intrusion hypotheses recorded in the Sussex home. Prince Harry, Very attentive to the topic of security, he ran for cover, and it was hoped that the solution found would make his family safe.

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Prince Harry is concerned about his safety and hires two star-studded bodyguards

After numerous attempts to storm the luxurious Montecito Palace, Prince Harry made a decision to protect his safety and that of his family. He actually hired two star bodyguards: Christopher Sanchez, the former bodyguard of Barack Obama, and Alberto Alvarez, the former head of security for Michael Jackson.

As if human interventions weren’t enough, the Dukes of Sussex has in recent days suffered the unwanted visit of a mountain lion who roamed the park, attracted by the chicken coop owned by the Dukes of Sussex.

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