Big Brother Vip: Asia Gianese Shows You Something Beautiful

Big Brother Vip: Asia Gianese Shows You Something Beautiful

One of the next competitors to the Big Brother Vip will be Asia Gianese, a rival with such remarkable qualities that she decided to show herself, causing a widespread faint of senses.

Asia Giannis, towards VIP Brother Big | Instagram

Asia Giannis may be a shy and reserved girl, but she definitely doesn’t give much to see in the photos she loves to post on her social media and she made one. Liked influencer Needless to say, it is very popular, both by males (for understandable reasons) and by females. And, as often happens in these circumstances, “colleagues” confuse careful observation, which wants to take the most successful characteristics of Asia as a model with a rather transparent rivalry, sometimes expressed in unambiguous terms.

From political science to Big Brother, passing through Dubai

About her private life, Asia Giannis is very conservative, it is not known whether she is celibate or committed, neither courtship nor amorazzi are attributed to her. In short, the gossip pages are forced to cut short when it comes to shedding light on his relationships and activities. For everything else, Asia is very open, with little inclination to show off. advantage that ‘bomb’ after ‘bomb’sexy shot after sexy shot, has brought her profile into the gorgeous shape of more than one million followers, which made him a popular and famous figure, contracted by fashion and beauty brands. And all of that even before persistent rumors of her being one of the upcoming contenders on the top show Alfonso Signorini.

She started her career with a social video, in which she violated the pedestrian zone in Milan, and exploded to be shot Dubai A participant in the program Barbara Dorso He will take off a star thanks to his presence in Big Brother VIPduring which he is preparing to launch new media revolutions (he has promised exciting revelations about the UeD tronista)

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Magnificent panorama in Cala di Volpe

From Cala di Volpe, Asia Gianese never ceases to fuel her fame, as she shares a shot that leaves very little, very little to the imagination in which she proudly displays her body with very few veils about to fall. Totally “amazing” image, as they say in the fashion world, which he did distort your sunglasses to his followers.

Asia Giannis
Asia Gianese, Zoom is all yours, and someone is feeling bad on Instagram

Unlike some of her colleagues who like to accompany such shots with thoughtful philosophical quotes, Asya’s post is silent: it’s not needed. The follower, however anxious they may be, is to share in the unconditional and well-deserved admiration. “Help me, I raise my head”, even writes one. And as hot as August is, we know it wasn’t the sun.

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