Nominations for the twenty-ninth episode – VIP Big Brother

Nominations for the twenty-ninth episode – VIP Big Brother

Also during this twenty-ninth episode, it’s time for nominations.

Before continuing, however, Alfonso reveals the names of the immunizers from the House of Representatives or onestiniAnd MikulAnd DavidAnd AndrewAnd Atilius And Daniel.

Even the commentators make up their minds. Orita decides to grant immunity to Anthony Because she sees it very modern and elegant, while Sonia decided to save Antonella.

In Superled, with the clear nominations method, Vipponi makes their names to be televised.

Thirty seconds into the ritual, the first to leave is the one Sarah Which he calls George because he still finds it very negative about the dynamics of the house.

Then it’s up Tavasi it is in George Who mentioned Sarah’s name because of their somewhat volatile relationship and lack of feelings. instead of him Nikita And EdwardDuring their shift, they tip Oriana for her provocative posturing.

Oriana, for her part, reciprocates her vote with the model nomination from Trieste. Nicole Instead, continuing the series of nominations, he mentions George’s name agreeing with Sarah’s motives and accusing him of putting up a wall between them.

Finally, YaelAnd Milena And Albert They mention Nikita’s name because of the little bond established in the house.

In the secret of the sect, positions round their nominations.

onestini He mentions Nikita’s name, emphasizing the tensions that bind them, while AntonellaAnd AnthonyAnd Andrew And Oriana They nominate Oriana due to their constant misunderstandings.

Atilius Instead, Edoardo’s name is mentioned in their arguments Mikul Send George to TV for lack of dialogue.

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DanielUnsure of his name, he names Melina at the conclusion.

Nikita, George, and Oriana are the three VIPs in the nomination. Who will be eliminated next?

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