“He betrayed him”: Maria De Filippi is speechless | Overwhelming evidence of betrayal emerges

“He betrayed him”: Maria De Filippi is speechless |  Overwhelming evidence of betrayal emerges
Maria De Filippi (screenshot of Mediaset TV) – belligea.it

The queen of television, Maria De Filippi, does not know how to comment: the revelation is unbelievable, all the fans are shocked.

Marie D Felipe She’s one of the most beloved presenters on television: an extraordinary guest, a unique cast, and a now-iconic image, the star now integrated into the collective psyche of the Belize people.

Also known affectionately ‘Queen Mary’, A broadcaster is the person who started the television industry by putting the common person at the center even before reality shows.

Friends, you have received mail, men and women, Tu Sì Que Vales: All of them are programs that aim to transform viewers into heroes thanks to their talent, searching for their love, or mending relationships. Even when that’s not the case Approves Or is she upset? Marie He is always able to express himself elegantly disappointment, Before he does that, he tends to give people many chances.

But this time there is no chance for them to survive the exams I am Does not accept disputes.

Condemning video

Yes, it’s only been a while formed the last Season to friends di Maria, the program that rewards young talent by giving them opportunities and ultimately determining the winner. In addition to the focus on performances, there is a portion of the program that closely resembles a reality show: in the Amici house, in fact, children And girls From class they live together, intertwined relationships, hatred, friendships… and sometimes something to more.

In this case, what happened actually concerned no one Participants: It’s about singer valentina torchito, In art Mio, Who did something very unexpected.

They all live at the national level

It seems that bog down the He hits to Lightning Between two students: Mio and Matthew, a long kiss blossomed between them, apparently due to a strong attraction.

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Everything would be so fluffy and beautiful otherwise Mio It seems to have Fiance to house: The people of the web were divided in the comments, between those who appreciated the singer’s gesture and those who strongly criticized it. “He did it to him trumpet”, one user wrote. What is certain is when love calls, Can not be done do not answer.

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