Unreleased song by Quinn with the voice of Freddie Mercury, “Face It Alone” – Music

Unreleased song by Quinn with the voice of Freddie Mercury, “Face It Alone” – Music

The unmistakable voice is that of Freddie Mercury and now it can be heard for the first time since 2014 in an unreleased song. After generating tremendous interest over the summer, when band members Brian May and Roger Taylor first leaked the news of a song the Queen had found the song “Found”. Face it alone It was released simultaneously worldwide on October 13, 2022.

“Watch the new MV, Face It Alone, the long-awaited ‘Lost’ and Queen’s first song in over 8 years!” , is the title of the video release on the band’s social media profiles. The song returns to the album sessions the miracleAnd the Released in 1989, two years before Mercury’s death, but it was part of the neglected paths. 30 songs have been recorded and Face it alone, unheard of, will be released for a re-release of the album, which will be released on November 18.

The song’s existence was first revealed by May and Taylor in a BBC radio interview During their appearance at the Royal Jubilee 2022. Roger Taylor described her as “Freddy’s little gem” and Brian May described her as “beautiful and touching”. The Miracle is the band’s thirteenth studio album, penultimate with Freddie Mercury. Queen The Miracle Collector’s Edition is a collector’s edition, printed in a limited edition; The box contains 5CD + DVD + Bluray + LP as well as a 76-page book with unpublished photographs and hardcover, original handwritten fan club letters by the band, press reviews of the time and extensive notes. “We’ve forgotten about this path a little bit – admits Roger Taylor – but there it is, this little gem. It’s amazing, a real find. It’s a very passionate piece.” The song marks Freddie Mercury’s first new single released in the past eight years. On their 2014 album Queen Forever, the band included three unreleased songs with Freddy: “Let Me in Your Heart Again”, “Love Kills” and “There Must Be More to Life than This”. Talking about the track that was found, Brian May says, “I’m glad our team was able to find that track. After all these years, it’s good to hear both of us…yes, there’s Daisy too…working in the studio.” For a great song that is not completed…yet!” Also arrives in Italy on Wednesday October 19th’The Queen – as it began. Official Biography With an introduction by Brian May, co-written by Jackie Smith and Jim Jenkins. The original edition explored every aspect of the legendary band’s career from its inception through 1992. This book, recently revised and updated with contributions from Brian May and Roger Taylor – based on exclusive interviews with the band’s members – completes the band’s story. The era of Mercury and the years immediately following his death, plus many additional images.

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