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16.13 Cornet van Kessel is sixth, followed by Lorenz Swick, Tom Bidcock and Elly Isrbet dull. European champion Lars van der Haar rounded out the top ten.

16.11 The excellent Toon Aerts closes the podium. He was succeeded by Michael Fanthornhout, followed by Quentin Heymans.

16.10 The performance as absolute dominator for the Belgian, who closes in the minute 1: 03’48 “49” ahead of Van der Paul, who is still positive after returning from injury.


16.08 44 The Belgian has an advantage over his great rival when he now has a few hundred meters left!

16.07 Wout Van Aert is still great and perfect every part of the way, despite the great effort.

16.05 Van der Poel failed to recover from Van Aert, maintaining a steady advantage over Aerts for second place.

16.03 Fanthornhout is a few meters ahead of Hermanns in the fight for fourth place.

16.02 last session! On the finish line, Van Aert passed by 41 “over the Dutchman and 57” over Ton Aerts.

16.01 Van der Poel’s deprivation grew to 35″.

16.00 Fanthornhout and Hermans still together in the fight for fourth place, over 1’30” behind the head. Iserbyt and Pidcock are still in trouble, more than 2′ behind, and are in eighth and ninth positions respectively.

15.57 FLY WOUT VAN AERT! He continues to make gains at nearly every stretch of the race, while Van der Poel starts to look a little bit in trouble.

15.55 Ton Aerts is getting close to the Dutch, and the Belgian is just 12 seconds behind second.

15.54 Completed the sixth lap for Van Aert, who is now 24 inches ahead of Van der Poel.

15.52 24 Jewell Bertolini 24, Dorigoni collapsed instead, now 43

15.51 Ton Airts could not keep the pace of the two leaders, but his supremacy over Fanthornhout IV looks reassuring

15.50 The VAN AERT advantage is growing! Van der Paul is now 15 inches behind the race leader!

15.48 The Belgian changes his bike, who scored 7’45” on the last lap!

15.47 Infernal rhythm held up by Van Aert, seemingly elusive lying with the bike on his shoulder.

15.46 Fifth step At the finish line, 3 laps left!

15.45 The second advantage of the Belgian champion became 10! It seemed that meter after meter was able to separate the great contender further and further!

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15.43 Might be one of the key moments in the race! Van Aert took 5 seconds at Van der Poel and Toon Aerts at 10″.

15.42 A new effect for Van Aert! Gain a few meters over the world champion, who in turn stops the wheel of Toon Aerts.

15.40 Change the bike for a Van Airt. Challengers take turns in the corridor to the “pits”.

15.38 Behind the first three lanes Fanthornhout who took a few meters on Hermanns. Sixth Cornet van Kessel. After the minute behind Iserbyt and Pidcock.

15.37 Fourth step At the finish line, we are in the middle of the race. Van Art and Van der Paul pass together, with Aertes at 4″.

15.35 Tom Bidcock, eighth at 1’12”, emerged from the head.

15.34 Not without difficulty, Toon Aerts managed to keep up with the first two, staying glued to the wheels of Van der Poel.

15.33 bike change for Van Aert allowing the Dutchman to get closer to the Belgian champion. The race could already take the form of a star duel!

15.32 Bertolini is better than the Blues, 23, behind Dorigoni, 25.

15.31 The three in front have made a void behind, the fourth Fanthornhout is already over 30″.

15.30 Another very fast lap that just ended, Van Aert crosses the finish line after turning in 7’49”.

15.29 Van der Poel sets out to chase his Belgian rival, who gains a few more meters with his decision not to change bikes

15.27 Real attack by Wout Van Aert that takes a few seconds on both opponents!

15.25 A very important stage of the race, Van der Poel lost a few meters especially in the stretches on foot, where Van Aert could make the difference.

15.24 Now it is up to Van Aert to change the mechanical means.

15.23 Now it’s Van Aert trying to increase the speed, even taking advantage of a slight hesitation to climb up by Aertes.

15.22 Round two finished at 7’54 inches. The first pursuers of the trio are Vanthournehout and Hermans, the protagonist also in a small crash.

15.21 Changing the bike for Aerts and Van der Poel, Van Aert does not change and thus a leading trio is formed.

15.19 Toon Aerts is trying to profit a bit, while behind him forms the couple we all expected, Mathieu Van der Poel and Wout Van Aert!

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15.18 The Azzurri pair in the race, Gioel Bertolini and Jacob Dorigoni, currently occupy 21st and 22nd places respectively.

15.16 The leading pair, Toon Aerts – Mathieu Van der Poel, were a few seconds ahead of their rivals, led by Belgian champion Van Aert, who had just changed bikes.

15.14 Round one concluded at 8’03”. Arts are in the lead ahead of Van der Poel, followed by Van Aert, Iserbet, Hermanns and Vantourenhout.

15.13 Already changing bike for Toon Aerts and Quinten Hermans, Van der Poel goes straight instead, as well as Van Aert, Iserbyt and Pidcock

15.11 The Always Aerts team in the lead is trying to take advantage of Hermans, Baestaens and Van der Poel who overtook Iserbyt and moved to fourth.

15.10 The road is one of the most difficult seasons, it is full of stretches on foot, on mud and sand. The rain leading up to the race made the track even more difficult.

15.08 The world champion is currently eighth, behind his brother David van der Poel and ahead of his great rival Van Aert.

15.07 Toon Aerts shoots in front of everyone, followed by Vincent Baestaens, Iserbyt and Hermans.

15.06 rocket launch for Van der Poel, who has already reached the first positions in the group.

15.05 And part!

15.04 Among the great champions there will also be the very strong Briton Tom Bedcock, winner of Rucphen eight days ago, ready to challenge the two giants.

15.02 Starting network configuration complete. In the front row we find the great champions of the season, such as Eli Iserbet, captain of the general, Ton Airts, Michael Fanthornhout and Quentin Hermans, all of whom are winners of at least one race this year.

14.59 Runners are beginning to hit the track, and the atmosphere seems to be great.

14.57 Preparations for the Post-Christmas Contest are almost complete. Scheduled departure 05.05.2007 Despite being one of the most anticipated races of the year, there are no spectators at the track due to health restrictions imposed by the Belgian government.

14.55 Last year in Dendermonde, Belgium, was a real triumphant run for host Van Aert, who crossed the line in pole position by 2’49” over his great rival.

14.53 After a long wait, the day of the first duel between Wout Van Aert and Mathieu Van der Poel has finally arrived! The Dutchman is making his first Cup appearance today after an injury kept him out of the race for longer than expected.

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14.51 Hello and welcome to the LIVE LIVE of the Dendermonde Cyclocross, a date valid for round 12 of the men’s World Cup season.


Men’s Cyclocross World Cup General Ranking

Hey OA Sport friends, and welcome to the live stream of the 12th round of the 2021/22 UCL World Cup season.! If you run to Dendermond, Belgium for the classic Christmas event in East Flanders.

For all Cyclocross fans, there can be no better gift under the tree, Today’s race will present, for the first time this season, The duel that has fueled the two-wheeled scene in recent years, the gigantic challenge between rulers on the mud and beyond, we are obviously talking about the phenomena Wout Van Aert and Mathieu Van der Poel! The latter will make his season debut today, after a knee injury kept him out of the race for longer than expected, while the Belgian has already raced (and won) two races, first Baum Super Prestige and then the already legendary race on the snow of Val de Sol.

Although world champion Van der Poel has admitted he’s not at his best yet, we’re sure it’ll be fun, as it always does when the two are champions. Waiting for every little mistake out of the two forced favourites, Briton Tom Bidcock, Who always tries to get the great role of the third wheel. Finally, the great champions of this season will not be missed, unfortunately overshadowed on this occasion by the great shadow drawn by the two giants, starting with Cup leader Eli Aserbet, very close to victory on aggregate when there are only four races left on the calendar. Giuel Bertolini and Jacob Dorigoni will be the first to defend the blues.

The race will start at 15.05 And despite the lack of audience due to health restrictions, the appointment is really one of the things not to be missed. OA Sport will update you in real time on all race developments, stay tuned so you don’t miss a minute of the amazing race from Dendermonde!

Photo Live Media / DPPI / Fabian Bokla

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