Basketball, European qualifiers: Italy – Türkiye 87-80

The score ended 87-80. The Blue Leader dominated the first part of the match, while in the second half he was unable to find the way to the basket. Coach Boziko: “Today people value spirit, the national team should always play like this”

The journey towards Euro 2025 (which will be held in Poland, Finland, Cyprus and Latvia) begins in the best possible way for Italbasket: in Pesaro, Turkey was defeated 87-80 in a very positive first match. And now the flight to Hungary is on Sunday.


At first, the Ataman Turks relied on Bebrovic's hat-tricks (at 7-15 there are already three goals on the scoresheet), but the Azzurri responded through Ricci, Spiso and above all Meli, who controlled every corner of the pitch. We run a lot, let's say the defenses don't suffer too much. After 24 points in the first quarter, Italy no longer maintained a 27-26 lead at the start of the second half. In the long period, the 50 Italian points stand out (17 from Melli, 7 from Mannion and Polonara) compared to 39 for the Ataman team (Bibrovic 18).


In the second half, the Italian double-digit lead was steady, but Osmani's -1'53″ from the end of the third quarter put the score up -8 (64-56) with Bozzico (who was booed a moment before the technical norm for protests) stopping the game Immediately. Returning to the court, Polonara scores two points with an immediate foul but misses the overtime. Mannion runs, Petrocelli defends, and the half ends at 68-56 with Bibrovic reaching 22. Beginning of the last quarter, Ataman also gets whistled by the technician , Ricci from 3 or 2 was always very accurate, Pagula presses like a madman on the young Turks and scores too, and Bozzico thanks him by making a sincere gesture while the scoreboard shows 77 – in the 34th minute, 62, +15. But the Turks were not there, they lost They scored 8-0 at 77-70 4 minutes before the end of the match, Spiso scored from an assist from Melli (79-70), and Mahmutoglu hit the net from 3 (79-73), but the Azzurri were not worried and with the usual Spiso (3 ) They brought the score back to a safe distance (82-73). Turkish ambition: ends 87-80. The only contradictory note: 4/10 in the free throws of Millie and his teammates, as he scored 10 of them. “These are the guys who care about the blue shirt. Today people appreciate the spirit. The national team should always play like this.” “, commented coach Bozzico.

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Italy: Milli 17, Spiso 12, Tonot 12

Türkiye: bibrovic 27, Mahmutoglu 14, Sipahi 11

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