September 30, 2022

Hardwood Paroxysm

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“It is unlikely that the court will be able to accept the prosecutor’s proposals. It will be easier to punish Juventus”

Giuseppe Pecoraro, former FIFA Prosecutor, said his speech on the capital gains case on Punto Novo Radio, during the Punto Novo sports programme: “The lack of rules regarding the relationship between the club and agents and the relationship between the club and the players is clear that in the absence of rules from It is very difficult to go and discover capital gains, if you do not have the means. It is important to discover it because it reflects the balance sheets of the teams, participation in tournaments, the possibility of buying and selling etc. Capital gains letter is very important, it must find its place in the broader discipline to which it belongs The Federation Nobody wants discipline. The football system must be changed, times have changed. Today we no longer have football teams, but football clubs. Something completely different is the businessman who owns the team shares. The problem then is not the loss of resources, so It is imperative that budgets remain that way to continue the sporting activity.So the problem is the source, the reform must be done.The match has become a spectacle that needs to be radically changed.Presidents are no longer spending their money out of their pockets, they have to redo Balance the budget. As long as Barcelona and Real Madrid were able to spend they didn’t want the Super League, but when those resources weren’t enough, there was talk of the Superlega. Those who get capital gains don’t suggest any sentences. It is unlikely that the court will be able to accept them. It is easier to find the possibility of sanctioning Juventus because there are facts confirmed by the public prosecutor in Turin that the federal prosecutor can use as evidence. On the other hand, if there is no such evidence, I think it is difficult to come to a guilty verdict. A good example was given by Milan with Donnarumma and Juventus with Dybala, the same is to be done and I hope De Laurentiis will continue to do it in Naples, without compromising the value of the team. Milan faced a great goalkeeper like Minyan, and he saved millions on Donnarumma. This is because there are plaintiffs. It is not only the fault of them but also the fault of the companies that accept. We should put in place a tariff that allows businesses to breathe.”

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