A huge mistake and many doubts about Zalewski

A huge mistake and many doubts about Zalewski

Referee Rapuano: Vote 5

Terrible Rapuano, completely out of the game. Many mistakes, Zalewski’s second yellow is questionable, with the counter used in the first half (with the roles reversed) not being yellow. Mancini, unexpected ball on his left arm: No penalty, the only right thing. Recovery time: 11′ (4’+7′).

Lukaku, normal goal

Setting Lukaku’s goal, sent by Dybala: behind the ball line.

Lukaku Red but…

Violent entry from Lukaku on Kouame, and fortunately (especially for Kouame) he scratched (broke) his sock. The red color is correct under the regulation, and is inconsistent with the scale used by Rapuano.

Feature rule ignored

An interesting timing error (maximum 8.40, but it does not apply to everyone): He blew a whistle for an (obvious) foul by Zalewski on Ikone and warned him, but the ball went to Bonaventura who would have found himself in front of Rui Patricio.

Errors in card management

The second yellow for Zalewski brings with it a lot of doubts (there are 7 defenders for the Giallorossi compared to 4 for the Viola, which SPA is it?). Because at the beginning the yellow card was missing for Kayode, who enters to take everything, especially Zalewski: a worse entry, if possible. Dybala also received a yellow card on Arthur without hitting the ball.

Video Assistant Referee: Aureliano 6

He watches in amazement.

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