World Live Championship day 3: Ihimeji dreams of a triple medal, Dosso, Bruni, Fofana, Foloronso, Sibilio also on track

World Live Championship day 3: Ihimeji dreams of a triple medal, Dosso, Bruni, Fofana, Foloronso, Sibilio also on track
the World Athletics Championships in Budapest, after the recently concluded ones in Fukuoka Swimming, is the main event of summer 2023. Italy is present with its stars and outsiders and it is clear that it will battle with its usual rivals, while there will be many other high-profile names that are absolutely. . Eurosport and Discover + will be following the action live on both linear and broadcast channels with the ability to select some individual events, as well as live writing through our Liveblog. Stay with us and have fun!

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Good morning, Eurosport friends, and welcome to the live broadcast of the second day of the IAAF World Championships in Budapest, Hungary. The time zone is the same as in Italy, so there will be no time differences, at the latest in the evening in Italy there will still be light while the athletes compete in the stadium under the floodlights. Eurosport is ready to tell you everything that will happen during the day.

20:12 – space for 110 hours

Japan’s Izumiya hits with 13″ 16″ ahead of Roberts with 13″ 19. Potential collapsing Kwaou-Mathey with 13″ 31 and Bennett with 13″ 34

20:10 – Ihiji away from the medals

Ihimeji’s provisional sixth place with a score of 16.84, which could be a jump from the final

20:05 – Outside Roberta Bruni

Roberta Bruni eliminated: three fouls at 4.50

20:00 – Unleash Zango in the triple

Zango leads the triple with 17.37, second to Fang with 16.89

19:55 – hissing, what a pity!

Alessandro Sibilio, for 4 cents, failed to reach the final. Blue finished with 48″ 43 in fifth place, it was enough to beat Awako who finished fourth with 48″ 39 to enter the final. Warholm wins with 47″ 09, Clark is second with 47″ 34, Bassett is third with 47″ 38.


Trick Sibilio, from 400 hours in the final for 4 cents! Warholm in Management

19:53 – 400 hours, Sibilio tries

19:50 – Benjamin and Dos Santos Agile in 400 hours

Ray Benjamin wins a two-way battle in the second semi-final with 47″ 24, second place to Alisson dos Santos with 47″ 38. There is no repeat of this semi-final. Sibilio for the final will have to finish third with a time under 48″ 44 or fourth but faster than 48″ 30. He’s not at his best, he’ll try

19:45 – Ihemeje starts slowly

Ihemeje final starts with a 16.27m

19:42 – Here’s the triathlon final: Ihemeje for Italy

There is Blue Emmanuel Emeji as the start of the triple jump final. We leave now.

19:40 – McMaster puts the arrow towards the final

McMaster wins the first semi-final of the 400m hurdles good 47″ 72, and the second in the comeback of Estonian Magi who takes the final with 48″ 30. Allen is recoverable with size 48″ 44 and Hyde with 48″ 49

19:35 – Lamprogi came out, spatial Molinarolo

False start and disqualification of the Italian Lambrughi at 400hs. My place instead is Elisa Molinarolo, who climbed over 4.50m on the first attempt!

19:30 – 400hs, now it’s the kids’ turn

There is Mario Lamprogi who already had his best time of the season reaching the semi-finals, at the start of the semi-finals of the 400m hurdles. The first two and the best two times go to the final.

19:25 – 400 hours, two Italians in suits

Knight won with 54″ 27, second Little to sleep in the final in a row with 54″ 40, third Rychikova with 54″ 70, fourth Jechova with 55″ 10. Best comeback time for Sartori who goes through to the semi-finals With Ennadi, Van der Walt, and Demes. Folorunso is also clearly in the seedskisa: Two blues on the track tomorrow

19:20 – Bruni saves himself in extreme situations

19:18 – Fimic pee fluently

Fimki Paul dominates at 53″ 39, second Tkachuk with 55″ 05, Claes third with 55″ 13, Kluster fourth with 55″ 23. Sartori always has better catches, all those who are in the last heat have to beat him to finish him off, thus he conquered semi final

19:15 – Brunei is taking a big risk

Another Bruni foul at 4.35, the blue risk a sensational elimination

19:10 – Great colors!

Ayomide Folorunso did very well, finishing with 54″ 30, 8 cents off the Italian record, and finishing third. The impression the blue gives is excellent. Adekoya won with a new Asian record of 53″ 56, second Knight with 54″ 21, And Foloronso is third with 54″ 30, and Peters is fourth with 54″ 95. Sartori is always better than the rotten


Super Fulloronso! Touches the Italian record and flies in the seed in 400 hours

19:05 – Third heat of 400 hours

Ayomide Folorunso is at the beginning of the third heat of 400 hours. Meanwhile, Bruni missed the first jump at 4.35m and instead Molinarolo overshot the measure.

19:00 – Bad news for Marciando

Jamaican Russell won with 54″ 53, second place for Cockerell with 54″ 68, third place for Woodruff with 55″ 31, fourth place for Sutherland with 55″ 85. Sixth, with a good comeback in the final, Marchandou with 56″ 27 which will not be enough To repeat: Sartori is always the first among the fish


Well done Rebecca Sartori! Personal record at 400hs, it’s in half

18:57 – Heat 2 of 400 hours

There’s Eleonora Marchiando at the start of the second battery of the 400 Hurdles.

18:55 – What a good Rebecca Sartori

18:50 – 400 hurdles are also on the circuit

At the start, three blue women battled it out for the first battery of 400 hurdles. In the final the first 4 plus the best 4 times. Straight on track Rebecca Sartori

18:45 – Molinarolo and Bruni started well

He passed 4.20m on the first attempt by Molinarolo and Bruni. An excellent start to the Blues

18:35 – we start the auction

The qualifying measure for the pole vault final is 4.65m. In the first two blue, Bruni and Molinarolo.


  • 18:40 – Women’s pole vault, qualifications
  • 18:50 – Women’s 400 hurdles, heats
  • 19:35 – Men’s 400m hurdles, semi-finals
  • 19:40 – Men’s triple jump, final
  • 20:05 – 110 hurdles, semi-finals
  • 20:30 – men’s discus throw, final
  • 20:35 – Women’s 100m, semi-finals
  • 21:10 – Women’s 400m, semi-final
  • 21:40 – 110 hurdles, final
  • 21:50 – Women’s 100m, final

Calendar and the Azores in the race

The third day of the competition is in Budapest, where only the evening session is scheduled. There are four titles available, the most important to us being the men’s trioWhere Emmanuel Ehmeig dreams of a medal. Also room for Super Runners with a final wait of 100 (Seeds first with Zeynep Dosu). Watch out for the semi-finals of the 400m hurdles with Sebilio and Warholm. full programme

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Italy at the IAAF World Championships among the stars and foreigners

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