Salah to Juventus: “Sacrifice” after a year

Salah to Juventus: “Sacrifice” after a year

Salah is Juventus’ big summer dream: to reach the Egyptian, the one who will sacrifice has been chosen

Great summer dream Juventus It’s called Momo Salah. player LiverpoolSeen in Italy with T-shirts Fiorentina And the RomeThe contract expires in 2023. If the renewal does not arrive, the Reds will certainly have to sell the player in the summer to avoid losing him at no cost.

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Juventus dreams of the big shot and the fans after farewell Dybala Who will not renew his contract with the Bianconeri expects a good match. The biggest knot related to Al-Masry is related to the salary, certainly very high and which contradicts Juventus’ management’s plans to reduce the team’s wages.

CM.IT Survey, Sacrifice for Prayer: Choice

But the name Salah attracts Juventus fans a lot and in this regard They decided to propose a poll on their page cable About who will be the right man to sacrifice to reach the Egyptian striker. For 58% of voters, Juventus should make a double sale before rushing in for the African player. The double referral in question would be that of makini And the Locatelli. Although the young Italian midfielder joined Juventus last summer, most fans would not hesitate to sacrifice him if the target were the former Roma and Fiorentina player.

Juventus, wipe on the expendables to reach Salah
Juventus, Telegram poll CM.IT

31% of voters chose Mathias instead de yachtConsidering he is the most consumed player, although the Dutchman has now become a very strong point in Juventus’ defence. Instead, only 10% voted for Federico church. The former Fiorentina, who was unfortunately suspended due to a serious injury, got the fewest votes, indicating that fans consider him an essential and essential element for Juventus in the future.

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