The Age of Manna begins with a shock

The Age of Manna begins with a shock

On the Naples That there will still be a big, big question mark hanging over it. It’s no secret now From Lawrence Wants GasperiniBut the Atalanta coach – after the historic victory in the European League – is hesitant. Meanwhile Capt Written by Lorenzo He is increasingly determined to leave the capital of Campania.

Napoli, Di Lorenzo is about to say goodbye: Inter is on its way

after Zelensky,l’Inter Try to shoot Written by Lorenzo. Yes, the Naples captain is ready to end his adventure on the slopes of Vesuvius after five years. Corriere dello Sport is sure of this, according to which he will be the full-back of the national team He officially requested the transfer to the new sports director Manna In the talks that took place in Castel Volturno. The former Empoli player is linked to the Neapolitans on a contract until 2028 with an option until 2009, and was only renewed last summer after the Italian League during DeMaro’s retirement. But this turbulent year has turned the tables: Gio has ended up in the dock a lot, and now, Her period is considered to have ended.

Gasperini prioritizes De Laurentiis, but the coach is hesitant

Between heart and mind. To put it on Gasperini between “Wife, children and a beautiful woman“.A complicated choice, and one that the Atalanta coach has to make in a very short time. On the one handAtalanta, with whom he just won the European League. On the other hand, A Naples To be rebuilt from foundations that even the Champions League will not do, unlike the Nerazzurri.

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From Lawrence He’s in a hurry. Perkasie He’s in a hurry. Gasp’s final decision won’t come yetMeeting with Orobic property, scheduled for the same day. Until 2025, the coach from Grugliasco is connected to the goddess, so his will will be decisive: will he continue with his wife and children or will he choose a beautiful woman?

Napoli, if Gasperini is absent? All alternatives

Corriere dello Sport has no doubt: if Gasperini decides to continue at the helm of Atalanta, Napoli will put everything on Antonio Conte, which had previously given its availability. But he’s not the only name on Manna and De Laurentiis’ notebook. They always stay in the background Pioli and the Italian. The circle around these four coaches is narrowing, although there are those who are thinking of returning to them Allegriwas already sought after before the start of his wonderful two-year stint with the designer Spalletti.

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